• May 2015
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Local Table on the Mountain Celebrates the Food of Tennessee, New Stillhouse Restaurant

The Stillhouse Restaurant is now open on Short Mountain in Cannon County, next to Short Mountain Distillery, and on June 6 the restaurant hosted a special evening of gourmet dining. Local Table magazine presented this one-time dinner event, billed as Local Table on the Mountain, and the evening’s food included as much Middle Tennessee-sourced food […]


Nashville-bred Moon Taxi Returns for Bonnaroo

It’s hard not to know who Moon Taxi is, at least not if you live in the Middle Tennessee area or have a love for indie/progressive rock music. I recall seeing the Nashville natives close out Live on the Green’s 2013 season as everyone welcomed autumn and relished in the presence of free, live music; […]

CCC in England 2014 (w)

A Chance to See the World Through Dance: Murfreesboro’s 33rd International FolkFest

Anything you do three times becomes a tradition—so the International FolkFest, now in its 33rd year, is practically an institution. Sponsored and organized by longstanding local dance troupe the Cripple Creek Cloggers, the International FolkFest first took place in 1982. The idea, however, was born even earlier than that. The Cripple Creek Cloggers, who were […]

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Sal’s Pizza is Back: N.Y.-Style Pizza Joint Reopens Buffet

When I first moved to a location just off of Church Street, someone told me I had to try Sal’s Pizza. They told me it was delicious. They also said not to judge the restaurant by its surroundings. They were right on both points; the food was indeed delicious, but it was housed in a […]


The Legend of the Me-Ma

The Train Daddy is back with the pain, daddy, and ready as always to hit you punks in the mouth with some serious sports knowledge and a legendary tale. To all my loyal readers, you know of the great one they call the Me-Ma, the most famous Tennessee Titans fan this side of the Mississippi. […]


Guitarist Nick Kane to Play Hippie Hill’s Afteroo

Nick Kane’s résumé is the kind desired by many musicians. The son of an opera singer, Kane grew up in Europe where he played guitar full-time in several bands with styles ranging from German punk to glam-rock in London before returning to the U.S. in the ’80s. While in the States, Kane has performed with […]

Stunt Tha Boss (1)

Murfreesboro Hip-hop Artist Stunt Tha Boss Releases Collaboration with Chris Brown

Murfreesboro isn’t particularly known as a mecca for hip-hop; however, that seems to be changing as of late. Local artist Stunt Tha Boss knows this, and with a new track featuring Chris Brown out on the airwaves, there’s no better time than now for the 26-year-old to make his presence known. He’s currently on a […]

Don Coyote

Don Coyote, Bless Your Heart

Like sweet tea, honeysuckle and home-cooked meals, the phrase “bless your heart” is a truly Southern thing, rarely uttered anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line. These three words can either calm your nerves or rattle your bones depending on its context, and that’s the vibe Nashville’s own Don Coyote accomplished on its LP with the […]