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Wicked - Emerald City

A Wicked Good Time, Musical Continues at TPAC Through April 20

In 1995 Gregory Maguire wrote a revisionist book featuring L. Frank Baum’s Land of Oz and its inhabitants. This was not the Oz we knew. The Technicolor utopic dreamscape ruled by a beneficent protector was upended, revealing a society threatened by political and social unrest and oppression and presided over by an almost fascist tyrant. […]

DerekMinor (2)

Minor Music with a Major Message: Former MTSU Student Reaching the Multitudes Through Music

Thousands of students have gone through MTSU’s recording industry and music business programs, most with dreams of superstardom; if not to be a famous recording artist themselves, to at least have their hands on the controls for a gold record or two. Expectations are often tempered—”It’s hard to get a foot in the door”; “There […]

GlassEmblem (1)

Fight Cancer, Play Music: The Boro to Host April 5 Benefit Show

Cancer is a battle. Those with the disease fight it, their families fight it, and many great organizations and charities fight it. Murfreesboro woman Sonya Nobles Dukett is throwing everything she has into the fight. The fight may be the thing that keeps her going. Dukett has organized and promoted the upcoming Rocking The Boro […]


Q&A with the Murfreesboro City Council Candidates

Murfreesboro city elections will be held Tuesday, April 15, and voters will head to the polls (and have been heading to the polls, as early voting continues through April 10) to select who will lead our town for the coming years. In addition to mayoral and city school board elections, voters will decide who will […]


Q&A with the 2014 Murfreesboro City School Board Candidates

At this month’s election, voters will determine three members of the Murfreesboro City School Board, the elected group charged with overseeing 12 elementary schools in the Murfreesboro City Limits. Get to know the seven candidates here, and feel free to grade their work. Early voting is currently underway, and Election Day is Tuesday, April 15. […]

Long Hunter State Park

Painting From the Soul: Oliver Langston

Oliver Langston has created art for nearly his entire life. Ever since he was a child, he has painted from the soul. Throughout his professional career in decades past, working as a building project manager and engineer, he still created in his spare time, and even managed back then to sell a dozen or so […]


For the Love of Bike: Smoopy’s Vintage Bikes Owner Shares Business History

Born-and-raised Murfreesboro resident Andrew Logan is a self-proclaimed “child of the ’80s,” which, he says, means he rode and raced bikes. “That was our form of transportation. We had a group of guys that rode everywhere. We ran the tires out around Murfreesboro, going to Collector’s World to get comics and baseball cards. It always […]

Bela performs

2014 Nashville Film Festival Review: Béla Fleck: How to Write a Banjo Concerto

Many of the elements that made country music popular in Nashville were once criticized for being “too yokel.” Now, as bluegrass, country and blues grow past their once-provincial natures and into the hearts of music lovers on an international scale, musicians are working to get mainstream audiences to take it seriously. Béla Fleck, master banjo picker […]

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