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  • Sept. 2014
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Getting to Know ’Q: Semi-legendary Yet Little-known Band NRBQ to Play Franklin Theatre

Maybe you’re among the oddball outliers who have long been captivated by the madcap musical adventures of NRBQ. Perhaps you caught their name while watching episodes of The Simpsons, on which they appeared for a time in human and animated form, providing original music. More likely, though, you haven’t a clue about the ’Q. If […]

Tenor saxophonist Jimmy Heath

Heath Opens MTSU Jazz Artist Series Oct. 20 with Tribute to Sax Great Jacquet

Tenor saxophonist Jimmy Heath will join the MTSU Jazz Ensemble I and MTSU jazz faculty to open the 2014-15 MTSU Jazz Artist Series Monday, Oct. 20, with “A Tribute to Illinois Jacquet.” Tickets for the Oct. 20 concert, which begins at 7:30 p.m. in Hinton Hall inside MTSU’s Wright Music Building, are $10 for the […]


Artist Spotlight: Tattoo Artist Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson is an artist at Icon Tattoo & Piercing, 115 E. Lytle St., Murfreesboro, and is also the owner of Two-Tone Art Gallery. Murfreesboro Pulse: What made you decide to become a tattoo artist? Wilson: I didn’t want to be a tattoo artist until I got my first tattoo. Until then I thought that […]

Doctor and Nurse

Rogue Doctor Sets Up Shop in Auburntown

The surgical ward was quiet but for the hum of the overhead lights and the occasional clink of a scalpel being laid on a metal tray. Zander Klein and Victoria Fletcher worked in silence, swabbing the surgical site with alcohol and administering injections. Klein glanced at the clock. Midnight. Plenty of time. The homeless man’s […]

Sleeping by Railway-

A Bed Under the Bridge: Man Sleeping by Train Tracks Says He Has Everything He Needs

For the past nine months, Charles Beavers has slept under Murfreesboro’s Church Street bridge, just a few feet from the very active train tracks. Beavers, who has been homeless for nine years, says he is growing tired of being homeless, but that he has everything he needs and his spot is far from the worst […]

At Patterson_web

Sax Machine: Summerour has Lived a Life Filled with Music

Nashville is not the only Middle Tennessee town steeped in rich music history. During much of the 1950s and continuing through the 1970s, well-known and in-demand Murfreesboro saxophonist Raymond Summerour was making music history of his own. His style, energetic and soulful, figured into the sound of such jazz and R&B greats as Bobby Byrd, […]


Artist William C. Cope: Reigniting a Haunting Passion

“Age is a matter of feeling, not years.” – Washington Irving That quote by one of William C. Cope’s literary heroes took on a special meaning for him one year ago. It came to mind as he was receiving medicine intravenously in the chemotherapy treatment area of Tennessee Oncology. In October of 2013 Cope was diagnosed […]


Battle of the Pumpkin Beers

It is the season of the pumpkin harvest. As it arrives, it brings along with it a seemingly infinite amount of pumpkin flavored products. For those who are in the know, the best of all of those products is unquestionably the pumpkin beer. A pumpkin beer is a beer that is brewed in one way […]