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  • Nov. 2014
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Eden’s Magic: A Page from the Diary of a Homeless Immigrant

The digital crosswalk sign glares red from across the intersection of West Vine and Broad Streets in downtown Murfreesboro. It is early October. It has just rained. The streets are glistening with puddles that are reflecting the glaring red crosswalk sign. Swiftly moving cars swerve around a 300-pound man slowly waddling across the road. The […]


Tiny Ants and Giant Giraffes: The Work of Jen Walker

Local artist Jen Walker accomplishes something in her work that is a rare gem in today’s art world. It manages a perfect balance between being conceptually clever while also being well executed at a distinguished skill level. One of the charms of her work is its ability to seem simple and cute enough to bring […]


Goodness Gracious! It’s Grits, Corncakes, Stuffed Strawberries and More at Readyville Mill

I was heartbroken when I found out that Goodness Gracious had moved from its convenient spot on the square in Murfreesboro. Where would I get my Sunday brunch? My perfectly poached eggs and my stuffed strawberries? Sure, I could make them myself, but Sundays are not for cleaning kitchens, they are for brunches and long […]


Wrong Place at the Wrong Time: Murfreesboro Man Says He Was Assaulted by the Police, Takes the Fight to Court

“I’m not a drunk[en] cop fighter, but that’s the story they have to tell to justify what they did,” Adam Williams tells the Murfreesboro Pulse. It has been a year and a half since the morning Williams emerged from the Rutherford County Jail bruised, battered and broken. His misadventure began on the Murfreesboro Public Square […]


Murfreesboro Company Schwalb Entertainment set to Release RPG Shadow of the Demon Lord

Veteran game designer Robert J. Schwalb is proud to announce Shadow of the Demon Lord, a dark fantasy roleplaying game to be published by his new company, Schwalb Entertainment, LLC. Schwalb founded Schwalb Entertainment, headquartered in Murfreesboro, Tenn., earlier this year to offer a rich, immersive gameplay experience in the worlds of dark fantasy and […]

Carolers (2)

No Pudding No Peace: The Origins of Christmas Caroling

With all of the turmoil and violence that has accompanied Y2014, most of us are ready for a little peace on Earth. We have riots in our cities, rampant unemployment, an oppressive government and a president who believes in making poverty America’s primary import by inviting everyone across the border simultaneously. But chaotic Christmas is […]


There’s a Doctor in the House: Bryan Terry to Begin His First Term in the Tennessee General Assembly

The voters of Rutherford County recently elected Bryan Terry to the Tennessee House of Representatives to represent Tennessee District 48, which covers the eastern part of Rutherford County. He will join Dawn White, Rick Womick and Mike Sparks, all of whom were re-elected to another term to represent people of Rutherford County in the Tennessee […]

Bill Shacklett

Shacklett Wins City Council Seat; Netherland Murdered in the Virgin Islands

I was standing on the sidewalk holding up a lamppost in front of the Rutherford County Election Office on Nov. 4—minding my own business, of course—when up walked City Council candidate Bill Jones. I greeted him and we shook hands. Honestly, I was a little worried that I might have jinxed him the day before […]

Holly Trolley Christmas