Harrison Ford, Paul Bettany, Jimmy Bennett, Virginia Madsen, Robert Patrick

Directed by Richard Loncraine

Rated PG-13

Jack Stanfield (Ford) is a successful security expert for a bank which has just merged with another bank to become international. His company is in the midst of adjusting, when his family is kidnapped and held hostage by men who want to rob his bank. He tries to satisfy their demands, but when things go wrong, he decides to take matters in to his own hands.

If this synopsis sounds like the same thing you’ve heard a thousand times before, good. Firewall is a predictable, formulaic action flick wherein Ford plays the same basic protagonist he always plays. In fact, no one seems in danger of being nominated for Supporting Actor for their contributions to this film.

The overall production of the film would best be described as lackluster. However, if you are in the mood for some mindless entertainment, it could be adequately satisfying.


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