Lucky Sevens

I found myself dropping by Chig’s place with good timing around one lunchtime last week. He and Natalie were in the midst of their regular reading time.

It’s really good these guys spend some time exploring their minds and far away places. Along with a delicious lunch, this was a relaxing break for yours truly.

A strange thing happened recently: as I was talking to Travis about the poker story he was writing for this edition of The Murfreesboro Pulse, I suggested he begin the story by talking about one of his hands and how it played out. Pocket sevens was the example I gave.

Mysteriously, as I took photographs for the piece, I focused my camera over Travis’ shoulder to take a peek at his hand and, bam, up came a pair of sevens. I quickly took the shot, somewhat stunned.

He thinks I have ESPN now, or is it ESP, it all runs together when you’re talking about poker. I need to hone my card-calling skills and use it to my advantage.

In addition to the usual saturation of TV poker tournaments, which I find myself more addicted to than playing the actual game, it has been a good couple of weeks for sports fans, especially the cold-natured variety.

While the reality-television-esque media frenzy surrounding the various dramas involving Team USA sometimes takes center stage, let’s not forget the real reason behind the Winter Olympics: seeing which frigid country can produce athletes who can slide a 40-pound curling stone into a target with the most accuracy. That, and seeing who can travel the farthest in the air after launching themselves off a ski ramp.

On a more somber note, let’s all take a moment to remember the real victim in the Texas-quail-hunting-gate scandal: that’s right, Vice President Dick Cheney.

How dare the liberal media ignore the many parts of his buddy’s body that didn’t get shot. How dare they speculate that just because Dick might have been drunk, criminal charges might be pressed. (Remember, he did have a “beer for lunch,” we all know what that means.)

Well, as Larry at Media Rerun pointed out, this might be as close as a lot of the highest members of the current administration come to seeing someone shot, while every day they’re responsible for the bloody deaths of of young Americans and Iraqis.


Bracken Mayo,

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