Fur gets bent at Boro

Murfreesboro rockers Los Cobra and Bent Fur teamed up with Organ Thief out of Memphis to throw a spring break kickoff at The Boro on Saturday, March 4.

While many of the college partyers were out of town already, the bands made it a very interesting night for the decently-full venue.

Bent Fur, self-described as three cute girls and one handsome Zolar, started the night off loud with their sonically sporadic set, which included an Elastica cover.

Not a head in the crowd looked away as the careless quartet graced the night with an instrumental opener. You could feel the tension in the crowd waiting for the girl with the red guitar to sing.

Organ Thief then displayed its strong funk-rock appeal. As the set went on, the band twisted into different groves and progressively became more adapt to The Boro. By the last song they were definitely in that special place where people go to kick ass.

The headliner, Los Cobra, who always seems to draw the locals, came to the stage with their extreme grunge hard rock style, lighting up the night.

These guys are the current frontrunner for The Pulse’s award for loudest three piece.

The Murfreesboro Pulse caught up with Bent Fur after the band’s explosive set.

MP: How long has the Fur been together?

BF: About 7 months.

MP: Where is the band from, have you always been a Murfreesboro band?

BF: Always.

MP: Tell us about the name, where did it come from?

BF: Some friends ran it by us and we thought it was cool. Some say it

refers to Ben Hur.

MP: What are some of your influences?

BF: Elastica, Radiohead, Slayer, Jesus Christ, Alcohol (PGA)

MP: Where do you see your self in ten years?

BF: Pregnant and playing a Waffle House tour.

MP: Describe the band.

BF: Chick rock with an edge is a good start.

Bent Fur will play again Friday, March 10, at The Boro.


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