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Welcome to Issue 6 of The Murfreesboro Pulse. We’ve been a local institution now for a quarter of a year. I believe that’s the toothpick anniversary.

It’s good to see readers look through the paper and recognize someone they know. People appreciate this sense of community and attention to the local scene.

Remember, it’s your paper. Let us know what you like and dislike.

And keep sending us letters, poems, columns, stories and tips on musicians, artists and restaurants you’d like to see featured.

The two most frequent complaints are that it’s too short and it only comes out bi-weekly. While it will take some time, we’re working to expand the paper. We have big plans.

Remember to support the advertisers. They’re the reason you’re reading this free publication and they’ll be the reason for its expansion. Let them know they’re appreciated and people are indeed reading the paper.

Somehow Palestine found it’s way into two of this edition’s stories, one, a feature on a man from Palestine with dreams of opening a chain of Mediterranean buffets across Murfreesboro and beyond. The other, a column stating the significance of Israel withdrawing from that land.

As with every situation, the optimist in me hopes this drama in the Middle East will be swiftly resolved with as little suffering on anyone’s part as possible.

Berk, a.k.a. DJ Tanner, also found himself in two articles. Lucky man.

Also, check out the poem on one of my personal heroes, Dimebag Darrell, on page 14. I wonder if we could call Liquid Smoke’s Thursday night drummer Halfsack Herschel.

In closing, I hope the pinching and green beer of the recent bizarre holiday left everyone, for the most part, unharmed.


Bracken Mayo,

Editor in Chief


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