On Chaos and the Way of Punks

Punks believe in chaos. However, to be a punk you must strictly adhere to the following guidelines.

If you play guitar, always cover your guitar with stickers. Not only does it hide the dents you gave it while banging your head too hard while playing it, it also makes it different, just like every one else’s guitar.

Also, remember uncool is cool to a punk. So if you cover your guitar with Ramones stickers to a punk that would be cool so it’s uncool.

So if you put some stupid kid cartoon sticker on your guitar (or something else that’s lame) IT would be uncool. So that would mean it would be cool to a punk.

Never ever stack your amps on top of each other! That is not Punk that is arena rock. The only punk band to get away with this is the Ramones. Remember also to always strum down. This is the key to all punks rhythms, that and to play it fast.

Never, allow yourself to make the mistake of playing long solos if you’re a punk guitarist! It’s OK to have a small one but if it goes on to long it’s not punk, it’s metal.

Punk music is always in E. No open tunings. That’s not punk that’s rock or grunge.

It’s not punk music unless you live punk! If you make tons of money, and have girls screaming for you, wake up, you’re not punk! Punk-pop maybe, but not punk.

Punks are poor like the rest of us.

Remember to chant your lyrics over and over. Too many lyrics is not punk!

Punk is raw anger or any strong feeling. Not “I love you, I love you, I was so stupid to leave you come back to me please.” That is not punk, that is pop. Not even punk-pop.

If you want a good idea of what good punk is, listen to The Ramones!

Remember that while punks believe in chaos and live only to bring anarchy into the world, even disorder has rules!!

Peace and may the stars shine on your path whereever it leads


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