A Cup of Bonnaroo Brew

Whether recovering from a hangover, fighting to stay awake for a late night set or simply craving a good cup of coffee in the blazing heat, Bonnaroo offered a multitude of coffee shops for its 80,000 guests. Even in the midst of all the madness, the faithful java dealers were able to create a true coffee shop atmosphere in the Centeroo festival grounds.

Employees of The New Moon Caf’ traveled all the way from Aiken, SC, to distribute their goods for Bonnaroo weekend.

’Breakfast was crazy, lots of espresso shots this morning,’ four-year Bonnaroo veteran Cristi Hubbard said Friday afternoon. A true barista, Hubbard was able to maintain a pleasant conversation as she steamed milk and pulled espresso shots. She called out drinks with a shout and a smile.

The New Moon Caf’, with its soft lighting and friendly atmosphere, offered a variety of beverages, including chai tea lattes (green or black tea), lattes, white and dark chocolate mochas and a fine selection of muffins and fruit.

Throughout the weekend, Hubbard said, the caf’ ’absolutely’ had repeat customers. She recalled one gentleman who came by five times in one morning, ordering a double espresso shot each time.

’We told him he’d have to sign a waiver before we’d serve him again,’ Hubbard said with a laugh. She said espresso shots were probably the most popular beverage throughout the weekend.

For the best cappuccino in all of Centeroo, festival-goers needed to look no further than New Hampshire’s Nissa Holleman, who rocked out the old school, vintage red La Marcozza espresso machine all weekend, 12 hours a day. In her fourth Bonnaroo, Holleman said that her coffee tent received many repeat customers throughout the weekend.

’We stay slamming busy all day long . . . some people come every day,’ Holleman said. The most popular beverages at The Coffee Tent, Holleman said, were iced coffees and dark chocolate mochas.

Customers were quite pleased with Bonnaroo’s coffee shops this year.

’It’s just about right,’ said Holly Brown of New Orleans about her iced coffee.

’You can find what you need here,’ her friend Sarah Quintana said.


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