cReality: The Awakening

Maybe it was the blunt smoke, but the first half of Reality’s The Awakening almost put me to sleep on the first listen. Not that it was all bad, the songs were just slow and blended almost seamlessly into each other.

The album begins with an untitled poem about overcoming problems and letting your light shine. It fits well with the album’s message, but should be moved towards the end of the album because it doesn’t set the right vibe for the tracks that follow.

“We Can Make It,” the album’s middle track, is the first of good things to follow. This radio-worthy tune has soulful samples, catchy rhythm, and a chorus you can’t help singing along to.

“Absolutely Nothing” is a great head-bobbing tune. Seriously, I listened to this album with a friend, looked over, and we were both bobbing our heads. The only complaint about this track is it’s abrupt ending.

“Propaganda” is a chance for listeners to get more personal with Reality. He takes a more aggressive approach with this song, provoking the self worth of the human race while deterring us from following the propaganda the world presents.

“Clear Conscious” entices listeners to use the self worth proclaimed in the previous track to analyze and relate the complexities of life while taking a step out of the rat race to clear their minds.

The final track, “Appreciation,” is a great summary of the album’s theme. All of the songs are uplifting, motivational and creative in a positive sense.

Some people thought I was the class clown, never to amount to anything. God Bless Ya’ll, Reality endows listeners with the drive to convert negative to positive, to moving on from the things that could have held them back.

The Awakening is not an album that will fully grasp and command attention on the first listen. However, with a second chance the album’s message becomes more apparent and the songs more enjoyable.


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