Teresa Farris: Teresa Farris

Rating: 3 Pulses

Just as the opening track implies, “What You Get Is What You See” on Teresa Farris’ self-titled album.

I was a bit skeptical upon being handed this CD to review?all of the artwork has Teresa scantily clad and overly made-up. After listening to the CD, I understood a bit more why they went that route with her image.

The album is a string of fun and upbeat, but not terribly impressive songs. There is a theme of playful independent girl anthems, such as “What You Get Is What You See,” I Feel Like a New Man Tonight,” “Naked in The Pouring Rain” and “All I Need,” sang in good karaoke style?although I’ve heard better.

Teresa’s vocals throughout the album are a mix of just the right amounts of twang and esteem, sounding a bit like Reba McEntire. However, the backing vocals are absolutely dreadful. “What You Get Is What You See” and “Take It On the Run” would have been more likeable without the poor backing vocals. The vocal style seems to almost clash with Teresa’s.

“Naked in the Pouring Rain” is a fun, upbeat song with catchy lyrics, but the most enjoyable part of the song is the steel guitar. The musicians, instrumentation and production add a lot to the quality of this CD bearing Farris’ name.

The ballad “So I Say” was a great chance for Teresa to show more emotion in her voice. She did a decent job, but there was still much to be desired.

“That’s Not the Kind of Love I Need Tonight” might possibly be my favorite from the album, but only because it reminds me of a great joke I read on MySpace the other day. The song is about a girl coming home from work and wanting to cuddle, but not make love. I need you baby, just to hold me tonight. Don’t get me wrong, you do it right, but that’s not the kind of love I need tonight.

Well, the joke was about that same situation, the man was left wanting. He took her shopping, she picked out several nice and expensive things, they go to the register to pay and he responds, “Oh, we aren’t purchasing this, I just wanted you to hold it.”

What you get is what you see with the record, the songs are chosen well for Farris’ vocals, but not remarkable. It would, however, make great karaoke.


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