Wheels and deals

Things really do come together sometimes.

Well, my car broke down. I looked at the key in my hand as it still tried to start all on its own. Strange.

But I was close enough to a certain Mexican restaurant to reflect upon the situation over some chips and salsa.
While I was there, I had the fortune of someone feeling it necessary to impart their knowledge of the game of blackjack. Always assume the dealer has a 10 down.
I did impress him when I took a stab at the three cards you would want the dealer to have up.
“4,5, and 6,” I said.

Maybe I absorbed his rules more than I thought.

Anyway, with the help of the AAA (yes, of course I’m Rachel Johnson) and the Hackett Brothers, Sally the ’91 Accord (a.k.a. The Pulsemobile), lives to see another day.

Stacey even loaned me his big red Suburban to cruise around in. Is that part of the standard service package?
Either way, he helped a brother out.

That very day I wandered upon the new Fluffo store, the owners looking at the latest Murfreesboro Pulse. If anyone needs a mattress, this place get the editor’s seal of approval.

Not long after, I realized one of Murfreesboro’s finest coffee drinks and bands share the same name?Penguin. Sarah and I enjoyed ice cold Penguins as I thought of a conversation I had with a member of the band earlier.

Somehow, the band drew an overwhelming crowd to the ongoing band battle presented by The Pulse, grooved like they do, but still did not advance?to almost everyone’s surprise, including the organizers. It seems that the loss was “legal,” though maybe not fair.

The Legend got to try the home cooking of Stones River Grill the day after he missed dining at the lunch joint because of its early closing. I hear that will change though, as it plans to expand its hours in the coming months. The SRG did get The Legend’s approval in case you were wondering.

Of all the different types of cornbread I’ve had, their sweet pancake-like ones might be my favorite.

To everyone, but especially the bass players?sometimes less really is more. Simplicity can be thoughtful, beautiful and more intriguing sometimes.
Play what you know, learn what you don’t.

Bracken Mayo, Editor in Chief


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