Reconstruction or Deconstruction

The future we have created is inevitable doom

For our pride and selfishness will bring to bear soon

You might ask yourself what we can do to get out of this

The truth is there is only one way we can return to happiness

For now all our fates have been inscribed in stone

It’s a continuous indication of things went wrong

Everyone wants desperately to believe it doesn’t include them

That all this happening is simply a motion picture film

Well, I hate to rudely burst your bubble

But from the looks of it we’re all in trouble

There is not escape without its pending repercussion

The cause and effect have done its job to create something

We must surly work to pull our self together

Because our actions now will be with us forever

If you’re a coward you can just run and hide

But no matter what you do you are still on the ride

This entire build up, events can relate to anything

Trust me though, you will be scared of the destruction it brings

I believe its a description of our country,

And its terror and domination continue to hurt me

We articulate our view everywhere on the globe

And when it comes to funding . . .

Our military the people do as they’re told

Of all the world, we have the greatest nation

But for some reason we have fallen apart on our relations

So, if you want to be part of the reason we come to a doom of destruction

Then sit there and don’t help in our reconstruction


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