By Josh Petty

Some men go to war with God
Mixing the ethereal with a need to kill
Some men go to war with themselves
Enslaved by their revolutions

Some men go to war against their friends and lovers
Some men go to war against their governments
Who are at war with foreign leaders
Some men go to war with logic

Some go to war with sin
They fight the imagination
They fight diseases
And drugs

You name almost anything
And someone is at war with it
Some men even go to war against war itself
I guess the point I’m trying to make is:
All men
Go to war

By Josh Petty

Sometimes I don’t believe in my existence
Everyone I see seems to be connected
They have conversations and play with their language
Dancing around topics
Avoiding subjects
Caressing comforting objects
Being together
If I’d have known that self-destruction
Was a part of my profession
I might have been inclined to send
My intuition into the abyss of forgotten ideas

But no, I chose to be curious!
I chose “Elevation”
And now I feel like a ghost, a spector
Searching among different worlds for the long lost
answers to my questions

Despite this seemingly serious occupation
I feel nothing of importance and even less purpose in my journey
I’ve come to believe that everyone is connected
through their subconscious activity,
And that I am a distraught illusion of the human society


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