Call it Foot Stompin’ 101

If three great bluegrass bands play in a small MTSU theater and no one is there to see it, is it still a damn good show? You bet it is!

I may not be the most plugged-in around here, so if last minute fate had not intervened, the KUC bluegrass show on Feb. 9 would have certainly passed me by.

The few of us lucky enough to catch the performance would all agree that it was a foot-stompin’ good time. The soulful energy pouring out of the bands was well received by the audience, but unfortunately there were too few of us to fully contain all of it.

By word of mouth alone was I fortunate enough to hear about the show, just hours before it began. Beginning with The Jake Leg Stompers, followed by Bawn in the Mash and The Wayword Sons, the show provided a treat for anyone with a heart for grassroots tunes and an energetic live performance.

For a small fee ($5 for students, a couple bucks more for general admission) concertgoers got a lot of entertainment. But why weren’t more there? Perhaps because traditionally, such good music is well accompanied by several cold beers, or even some Tennessee Whiskey; however, neither are allowed on MTSU’s campus. Or maybe it was the lack of advertising? Regardless, if any of these lively bands show up anywhere near here again, we will definitely bring all our rowdy friends.

Check out more pictures of the show at boropulse.com and visit the following websites for more information about the bands, jakelegstompers.com, bawninthemash.com, waywordsons.com.


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