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Dear Readers:

You can check out the paintings by Will Duncan in this issue of The Pulse. You may know Duncan as proprietor of the Art House downtown. Many of his recent works feature pro athletes, including the Titans and Nashville Predators.

It’s good someone around here is paying attention to the Preds. They are gaining national attention not just because they’re having the best season in franchise history, but because they’re in top place in the league and have trouble drawing a decent crowd to many home games.

Well, multiple studies have shown a direct correlation between the decline in fighting and decline in attendance and that fans are more interested in fights than scoring.

Let them play the game. Gloves off.

Movie lovers are eager to see the Oscars on Sunday.

Interestingly, I watched Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, nominated for best documentary, on one of the coldest days of the year, so I was wishing for a little warmth.

Hey even if the oceans rise a bit, we’re safe in Tennessee from flooding, right? Oh yeah, we still need to keep Lake Cumberland out of our state.

And about the automobile problem: what about the cars running off of fuel derived from corn or the ones getting 84 mpg on biodiesel in Europe? You haven’t heard? Check it out.

Bands and venues: please put listings@boropulse.com on your media contact list and send us all your concert events if you want to get it in The Pulse.

One concert listing of note: Tool will play in the now famous Coffee County field, says Bonnaroo organizers. For some reason I knew I’d say those words one day.

How wild will that be? I’m already hearing odds on whether it will rain or not during the dark and brooding Tool’s set.

The Flaming Lips will lighten the mood.

Props to the festival for supplying phenomenal acts once again. This calls for a celebration!

Bracken’s Valentine Waffle: A waffle hot off the iron (the recipe on the Bisquick box works for me), covered in sliced strawberries and bananas, topped with a little whipped topping, drizzled in chocolate syrup and sprinkled with just a touch of cinnamon. How sweet and indulgent.


Bracken Mayo, Editor in Chief


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