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I should never marvel concerning my anticipation of a film’s release on DVD, when it ultimately meets the conclusion of me only finding a few copies that have all been checked out (this is often a best-case scenario). Going to three different rental establishments, I was able to find two such movies in just two days time. Searching out good films to watch is well worth the effort. The chase conjures images from a more romantic time, when cult films were virtually inaccessible and coveted as bounty by their obdurate hunters.

The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep is yet another magical film by music video auteur, Michel Gondry. Imagine Naked Lunch meets Amelie, where dreams and love produce fantastic, surreal scenes with sweet sentiments.

Animation aplenty, The Science of Sleep seems to be a personal film, with much attention given to the entire process. It is hard to say too much in regards to Gondry’s vision and imagination. Quoting my dear cousin, “Here is a romantic comedy for the rest of us.”

Jesus Camp

Jesus Camp

Jesus Camp is a documentary up for an Academy Award this year that follows some Christian evangelical kids to vacation Bible camp. Instead of learning Bible verses, the camp emphasizes the message that these children must become modern Christian warriors. The camp director boasts that she wants the children to become every bit as radical as those of a different religion, who are being indoctrinated as literal suicide soldiers for their particular faith. The filmmakers do add ominous music at times to dramatize the events, but most scenes would be just as shocking without.

An excellent companion to this, which features more of the infamous Reverend Ted Haggard, is the HBO documentary Friends of God.

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