Lost Plant: Extreme Condition

Surrounded by an endless plain of snow and swarms of aliens on a new world in the future, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition puts gamers in a unique sci-fi shooter with tons of action.

I had heard a lot about the game, but never really thought it sounded that great.

Was I ever wrong.

Lost Planet is a beautiful, fun and interesting game. In the game, humankind has found a new world called E.D.N. III and is emigrating to the planet. While setting up shop, humans find a hostile alien race called the Akrid. At first the humans couldn’t fight off the species, until they found a powerful new source of thermal energy within the bodies of the Akrid. With this new source of power, the humans created the VS or Vital Suit, basically a mech that uses the thermal energy (also known as T-ENG) as fuel.

Players are put into the role of Wayne, a young man who was found unconscious. Wayne has lost his memory and only remembers two things: his name and that his father was killed by an Akrid named “Green Eye.” Wayne was discovered by a band of Snow Pirates, a group of fighters that live outside the bounds of society on E.D.N. III. In hopes to recover his memory, Wayne decides to team up with these Snow Pirates in search of “Green Eye.”

One of the interesting things about Wayne is the Harmonizer attached to his right arm. The Harmonizer is a life support system which uses T-ENG to restore health. Once you’re out of T-ENG, you won’t be able to recover anymore health. To survive, Wayne must collect T-ENG from the Akrid using his arsenal of weapons including a machine gun, shotgun, rocket launcher and the energy gun, among others. You’re also able to use a number of different grenades such as the disc grenade and the gum grenade, which sticks to enemies. Additionally, the VS is able to equip many different weapons including the Gatling gun, rocket launcher, laser rifle, and homing laser.

Wayne is also able to use his anchor to expand his range of movement and give him access to areas you can’t get to with normal jumps.

Although the single-player campaign can be beaten in about seven or eight hours, players can take their game online and play with up to 16 players at once. Now that’s where Lost Planet gets really fun. The online mode can be pretty addictive, so make sure you don’t stay up all night playing.

With luscious graphics and wonderful environments, Lost Planet is one of the nicest looking games on the 360 and its intriguing story, intense action and great online multiplayer keep it from being just another shooter.


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