Farewell Captain

He was a good dog and he lived a long life. But the Captain is dead. He might have smelled a little, but he was a respectful and respectable canine, never barked too much and was a good listener. His bushy skunk-looking tail never wandered too far from that huge yard in Pleasant View, and now never will . . .

Keep checking our myspace site for good giveaways, the next lucky winner might win their very own local entertainment empire.

The MTSU women opened the NCAA tournament with a bang?defeating their first round opponents Gonzaga by 39 points. However they fell in the second round, ending the Lady Raiders unprecedented winning streak. Though the three men’s teams from the state should represent Tennessee well in the second weekend of the tournament.

Or Ten a Key, as followers of Young Buck would say.

This guy is starting to focus some of the attention given to Southern rappers to the Mid State. Will his next release end the G-Unit slump? We’ll find out soon.

Young Buck is almost as good with a knife as “Smiley” James Han, whose ornate sushi creations are featured in this edition.

Also, in case you’re wondering how to turn your weak little girly ride into a raging beast, Mr. TDT has kindly shared his experiences revamping his ’69.

Coming soon: “Is the Pulsemobile pimpible?” Or better yet, maybe the folks at Stones River Mitsubishi will hook up a new one.

A few Pulsers out there were somewhat surprised to find a swastika among the group of religious symbols on the last cover. While I’m pleased that our readers stand firmly against the hate of the Nazis, the symbol was indeed used by Hindus long before Hitler, and has decorated religious houses and devices across the world.

“Well, they should change their symbol,” one local said of the Hindus.

Makes sense. Give the victory to hate.

It’s like giving the victory to the Red Wings. It’s not over yet, but the Preds do not seem to have an answer for Detroit at all this year.

The Train and I saw the first of two Predator losses in two days, the Cashville one. Oh well, Z still got that fire man?and he’ll put out any Wing fans.


Bracken Mayo, Editor in Chief


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