NBA Street Homecourt

4.5 Pulses

NBA Street Homecourt is the newest installment in the NBA Street series which has given gamers some of the best arcade basketball games since the old school NBA Jam series.

Gamers familiar with the series should feel right at home with Homecourt’s rim-bending dunks, ankle-breaking trick moves and electrifying Game Breaker moments.

Homecourt is the first installment in the series to land on a next-gen platform with enhanced graphics and faster gameplay. The graphics are very smooth and slick and are some of best looking on the Xbox 360.

Veteran’s of the Street series know the key to the game is not all about scoring, but is about pulling off trick moves and filling up your Game Breaker meter.

Homecourt introduces a new ball control system that allows players to create the perfect combination of trick moves before going for the score. The more tricks, the more the meter will fill up. Try pulling off a 14-trick combo and ending it with a kick pass to your teammate for an alley-oop to pretty much fill up your whole meter in one possession.

The dunks in Homecourt are some of the best in the Street series and two new features will get dunk lovers all giddy.

The Double Dunk feature allows players to not only dunk the ball once, but twice for an extra point if they hold the B button for the right amount of time. Once they dunk for the first time and the ball goes through the hoop, the player will grab the ball and dunk it again. Hold the B button for too long and your player will brick giving your opponent a chance for a fast break.

The other new feature is the Jump Off Dunk which allow players to leap off a teammate’s shoulder or back for incredibly high-flying dunks that really boost up your Game Breaker meter.

Along with the new ball control system and the new dunks, is an all-new Game Breaker system that allows players to change the momentum of any game. Once you’ve filled up your meter and are engaged in Game Breaker mode, your opponent will automatically lose one point and you will be able to mix and blend any sort of trick move combos to get more points?you can get up to five points in one Game Breaker moment. But be careful with the ball when you’re pulling off those trick moves, because if you get the ball stolen your opponent will steal your Game Breaker moment also.

Homecourt additionally lets you create your own player in Homecourt Hero mode and become a Street legend by dominating courts all over the country. You can even take your Street game online and see what you can really do once you’re done beating your friends.

Besides a few minor flaws like the difficulty trying to grab loose balls and the lack of gameplay modes, NBA Street Homecourt is probably the best game in the Street series. It’s taken everything the game has famously been known for and made it better. It’s a definite must buy for any Xbox 360 owner.


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