Trioshift: Trioshift

There is something pure and refreshing about Trioshift’s entirely instrumental self-titled debut album. Whether it is the pristine sound quality, talented musicians, or diverse genres heard throughout, it is worth a listen for anyone who appreciates raw talent.

With a backbone in jazz, a history lesson in rock, and a series of danceable funk songs, this album offers something for everyone.

The album begins with the song “Steve-o”, a fast-paced rock track, highlighted by the drumming stylings of Chuck Fields. Like all of the songs on the album, the three musicians add their own flavor and soul to the record, but manage to unite and compliment one another throughout the majority of the album.

“Warm, Hot & Cheeky” demonstrates Trioshift’s underlying jazz roots and Tony Nagy’s prominent bass style which is consistently more than just a background sound in their songs.

“Faust on the Discovery Channel” adds an intense rock sound to the album with John Cook’s electric guitar playing coinciding with urgent-sounding news bytes. This song in particular is a good example of why Trioshift does not need lyrics to express their music.

Then there are the songs on the album that will make you get out of your seat and dance to the jazzy and funk beats, such as “Ode to the Bel-Aire Bees.” This song is a good representation of Trioshift’s essence, but certainly not their only focus on this largely diverse album of experimental and jam band sounds.

Trioshift not only wrote all of their music, but were the sole producers on their album. Their talent obviously extends beyond making music, as the sound quality is particularly clean. In addition, bass player Tony Nagy is one half of the mastering team.

Trioshift’s album offers its audience a worthwhile debut as the music seems to defy genre standards and simply entertains. It is the kind of music that would go great with a martini and a smoky bar, but is also capable of reaching playful jazz fest summer crowds. Trioshift will certainly hold the interest of any music seeker, and any type of mood.


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