War of the Masses

We live in a world of suicide bombers

With a growing numbers of armed robbers

The pattern of war seems to be religious

And ever struggling fight between Muslims and Christians

Violence it seems is a pure human need

Like love, hate, caring and greed

When someone does harm to someone else

We don’t ask why, we just condemn them to hell

If a stranger came and forced you out of your home

Would you go willingly or would you fight them?

If they said you must live in a tent in your back yard

Never able to leave the perimeter, you think that would be hard?

Would this make you fight?

Hell yeah it would, damn right

So, you fight them with a stick and they bring a gun

Imagine life that way can’t be fun

This is what is happening in Israel

And believe you me it’s the real deal

The Jews said this is our holy land according to our God

All Palestinians must leave or they will be punished if they do not

So they are put into refugee camps and left there to live and die

Forbidden to ever leave with no real reasons to explain why

So they strap bombs on themselves and blow up buses

Because there is no action when the politician fusses

Then the Israelis invade the refugees with machine guns and army tanks

Looking for more targets and more land to take

America backs this action

So Palestinians declare war on our nation


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