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How I wish I lived within a few hours of Murfreesboro, rather than many.

The writer of last issue’s Theater Corner (Terry Mayo, reviewing The Rutherford County Center for the Art’s “Smoke on the Mountain”) really captured my attention so that I felt I had seen some of the play!

My niece, who plays Miss Maude, sent the write-up?and I know she must have done a great job. Our family is a bunch of actors; she inherited it!

Geanne Erwin


I read your May 17 letter on litter. Ha-ha. However, the community does not have to worry about putting the trash out to the side of the road for our inmates, the City already has that covered.

Or . . . maybe uncovered! The trucks that take the trash to the dump are mostly coverless and while driving down our city streets and highways they allow the trash to blow out the top of the dump trucks. They are the biggest offenders.

I personally flagged down a dump truck driver the other day to tell him that he was littering the entire stretch of Murfreesboro Road from Smyrna to Murfreesboro and he put up his hands and said, “What you want me to do about it.”

I was so mad. The city has us covered!

Kim Shannon, Murfreesboro


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the recent review of my debut CD, No Lookin’ Back, in your publication. I sincerely appreciate the detail and effort that went into reviewing my CD and sharing it with your readers.

I am very proud of this project, and it makes me feel good to know that members of the music community have been made aware of my original music through your article.

Not unlike other musicians or artists, it is my great desire to share that which I created and hope others will be interested in it and find favor with it.

Thanks again for your efforts, and those of writer Samantha Buttrey, in helping spread the word about music.

Tim Culpepper, La Vergne


I just wanted to thank The Pulse for the Nashville Sounds tickets again. We got in, had a blast; me and my brother participated in the keg rolling contest in the fourth inning. I won and got two free tickets!

Sweet deal. Thanks again.

John, myspace.com/noon_thirty

Roll that keg, son. Friends of the Pulse, follow us on Facebook and be sure to read upcoming issues for more great giveaways from The Pulse.

We have a pair of tickets to Dukesfest for June 2 – 3 going to the person who sends us the most extreme picture of an automobile or motorcycle stunt. (Their own, not a fake or someone else’s) E-mail your pictures to murfreesboropulse@yahoo.com. ? B


I work for the TN Philharmonic in town and have been in touch with you a few times this year.

I was wondering if The Murfreesboro Pulse ever has any freelance opportunities. If so, how would it work?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Lindsay Decker, deckerllj@comcast.net

We’re always excited to work with new local writers.

Anyone is welcome to submit queries to bracken@boropulse.com and we’ll go from there.



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  • Gregory Voss

    I would like to recommend as Presidential candidate Governor John Kasich of Ohio, who is moderate, fiscally responsible, and compassionate.
    As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives before being elected governor, Kasich served as chairperson of the House Budget Committee and succeeded in balancing the federal budget. He has vowed that, as President, balancing the federal budget will be his priority. As governor in Ohio, he has reduced taxes by five billion dollars and erased the state’s deficit. A resident of the state describes him as a “doer” more than a talker.
    While he was in the nation’s Congress, Kasich was a member of the House Armed Services Committee, so he is knowledgeable about the workings of the Pentagon.
    Perhaps most importantly, in temperament, Kasich seems sensible and balanced. He is also compassionate. I was very moved by Kasich’s passion when he described the reduction in the recidivism rate in his state’s prisons.
    Finally, Kasich is sincerely pro-life, vital to ensuing generations of children.

    Gregory Voss
    1021 West E Street
    Belleville, Illinois 62220
    618 301-2690

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