Look What I Did: “Confusing Hardcore Kids Since 2003”

Interesting things happen when an off-the-wall band wants to break into Murfreesboro’s (already weird) music scene. Look What I Did’s Saturday night show at Wall Street last month was amazing, for those of you that didn’t have anywhere to go for Easter Sunday. Even if you did have somewhere to go for Easter, like Look What I Did drummer Jake Omen, you just left after the show to drive to another state. Or maybe you wanted to drive to another state just for the hell of it after the show because this is the kind of band that makes off-the-wall stuff very enticing.

With two full-length releases, Look What I Did is an established band from Nashville that lived in L.A. for a few years, but has returned to their roots here in Tennessee.

They managed to scoop up bassist Tyrone Coughlin somewhere on the corner in Hollywood, in women’s clothes, on their travels, and he has been such the perfect fit. In fact, this all spiraled into Barry Donegan, the very talented lead vocalist, finally wanting to come clean with his mother a few weeks ago?he decided he is a homosexual.

“It feels better just to get it off my chest,” says Donegan. He also announced this fact at the show. The band feels that “cultural attitudes in the Deep South are welcoming toward homosexuals,” and they “hope to be embraced by open arms.” Their next full-length record is anticipated to come out in February of 2008.

The show itself was magnified with the energy and crackle of this inventive and unpredictable band. New songs meshed well with songs such as “Appomattox Whorehouse” and “Cupid Full of Eros,” and the audience was taken on a fluid roller coaster to ridiculosity. Not only does Donegan have a distinct scream, but he also has a very nice non-screaming voice. Skeet rips up the guitar like it’s made of rubber bands, and Chris, well, he just rocks everyone’s face off. Jake already knows how ridiculous he is and Tyrone makes the best metal faces. Well-rounded.

While Look What I Did’s first release was more jokes and fun, their second full-length is much more political and complicated. They are going for a more direct and immediate impact with songs that are still detailed and unique for their upcoming projects. Check it out for yourself at their next Murfreesboro show June 15 at the Boro with Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. Look What I Did hopes “that Murfreesboro will come snuggle” with them at that show and watch Desperate Housewives with them afterward.

Barry Donegan and the Look What I Did guys will perform again June 15 at the Boro.


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