Racing at the Music City Motorplex

If you get the urge to go see some racing this summer, I would suggest going to the Music City Motorplex and enjoying some intense local racing action.

There is a different atmosphere at this track, located at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, compared to the circuit tracks, and it is well worth the time.

Every Saturday all throughout the summer at the Music City Motorplex there is gas burning and the car racing sensation is alive and well.

A driver from Murfreesboro, Michael House, won the pole on the opening weekend and held on for the trip to victory lane in the grand national sportsman division. He then repeated this great opening weekend by winning the pole and the race the following weekend.

House also recently set a new record for fastest lap time at the Union Hill race track.

The Motorplex, an oval track slightly over one half mile long, hosts many different types of races, including NASCAR late models, NASCAR Super trucks, Grand national sportsman, Thunderstox, Legend Semi pro, Legend Pro/Master, Dwarf cars and Bandolero bandits.

Racing at this local level is the first step in making it in professional racing. It is a long struggle through grease and grime to race every week at a track?building a car, keeping it running, while all the time keeping from wrecking it and having to start over.

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