Americans, Selfish?

Illegal Immigration

Liberals have a misconstrued view of what makes one racist, and they spread their distorted philosophy on the media creating a number of complications. They claim one is racist simply due to the opposition of illegal immigrants invading our country and dissipating our health care and social services; another unpleasant result of illegal immigration is the increase of criminal activity. There’s identity fraud, sex crimes, driving without insurance or drivers license, etc.

Liberals desire illegals for a voting bloc while the right wing desires illegals for cheap labor. The unfortunate news that both parties must realize and accept is that the illegals have no intention of becoming legalized Americans.

It is daft for the right wing to want them for cheap labor when one looks at the major problems illegal immigrants are creating.

Take a look at the taxpayer expense in taking care of these criminals and their anchor babies; if one looks at our federal prison systems alone, they would notice an alarming 30 percent of the entire prison population is illegal aliens. We The People are unfortunately paying for this.

What makes a person racist for wanting to protect their families and borders? An illegal immigrant invading one’s country and demanding equal rights is equivalent to a person breaking into one’s home and demanding to use all of that person’s facilities. We The People are tired of our government for its greedy intentions and for tying the hands of our fine law enforcement. (Shockingly, the police are often instructed to permit these crimes by aliens.)

We The People are uniting, and will fight to secure the borders and laws of our great land. This dilemma is a matter of protection, not racism. One is not racist for wanting to protect his home.

? Jim Hearn and Sam Kimball


Troops still in Asia

In response to Everett Corbin’s letter “Traversing the Potholes” in the May 3 issue of The Pulse, which states we must continue to give moral support to U.S. troops in Iraq as they are slaughtered needlessly.

Speaking of soldiers, there is a new book out, “An Enormous Crime,” by Bill Hendon and Elizabeth Stewart. It is an account of the POWs still in North Vietnam and Laos. It will make you cringe.

Time to get those people home. It is estimated that about 600 precious people are still there, waiting on our government to come.

? mamasan41@yahoo.com

Americans, Selfish?

Are the American people selfish by desire or trait?

The majority of Americans have cellphones, cars and places to live, but we sit back and bitch because we think we have it bad.

Don’t get me wrong?I have no health insurance, no drivers license, no college education beyond the walls of flaws and many other rights are denied to my person. The debt which I have acquired has put me in a hole only created to trap me in taxed debt.

Do we as the American people realize we have more power than any world leader or country, including our own? We as a society must realize our decisions affect the whole world.

The more we acquire by work, dedication, faith and inheritance the more we must decide for others, and choose correctly. The first and foremost obligation is that our people stand together as a whole, and not a mob. Its apparent we are only strong together or else we just have a super sized capitalist society.

The moderator of a recent debate cut off senator Dobbs by saying “Paris has one hour and senator you only have one minute.” Our fixation on fame is limitless while our attention to politics continues to disappear. When we ignore our responsibilities we all lose, because we care more about someone’s 15 minutes of fame than our own lives.

? Montgomery Fitzgerald


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