Go Show and Stomp Donkey Wailin’ at Wall Street

While the Winslow Family Band couldn’t present the Murfreesboro debut of their Color Album concept on July 12 due to member Stanley K., Mr. Yellow if you will, breaking his hand, Stomp Donkey and the Go Show still took their jams to the Wall Street stage.

Stomp Donkey opened the night with their very sweet and soothing three-part harmonies and groovy ballads.

Guitarist Leo Johnson doesn’t even need electricity to add excitement and flair to his brilliant classical guitar solos.

The Go Show then took the stage and the crowd was digging it from note one.

The group, comprised of Chris “C Note” Nicotera on guitar, Phil Buck on bass, Dave Benedict on trumpet/congas and John Daniel on drums, has a sound all its own. The trumpet adds a ghostly vibe that comes in and out of the music to really give the band its uniqueness. The players go from reggae to jazz to rock back to jazz to blues to funk with ease and authority.

Now chops are fine and dandy, and all and these guys definitely have that going on, but personally, the more diverse and dynamic a show is, the more The Pulse gets into it?and The Go Show flipped the script several times, improving a good portion of the show to top it all off. Get your ass out to see these guys.


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