High fructose corn syrup

Dear Readers,

I, along with the rest of America, have my fingers crossed this week in hopes the eagerly anticipated Simpsons Movie lives up to the famed family’s high standards we have grown accustomed to, particularly through the late ’90s in the show’s prime.

I trust the film will be one that truly embiggens the people of this great land.

Perhaps if more corn were used for automobile fuel, in addition to decreasing our country’s dependence on foreign oil, less corn would be used in food, especially high fructose corn syrup. This concoction accounts for a massive amount of the calories Americans consume and has been blamed for much of the country’s weight problem.

It seems sugar cane is a much more digestible sweetener. But the U.S. government wants us to consume good ole’ American corn and makes sure we do so by tampering with both the corn and sugar markets. Food companies who care only about the bottom line will naturally buy the cheapest product to use in their food, so there you have it, let’s eat corn syrup.

If that corn were to be bought for the same price to fuel our cars, we can let in all the foreign sugar the USDA now sets strict quotas on. Our food will be healthier, our cars will run on natural stuff grown in our backyards and we can end the war.

I keep trying to think of my body’s metabolism as a fire, as Kenny suggested. You can’t let it go out, but you can’t smother it either. It seems your body needs to consume some fat to know how to burn fat, but half a large sausage pizza may be a little too much fuel for the fire.

The point raised in Ms. Villa’s last article is also important I think: foods with large amounts of both carbs and fat are dangerous. Chips, pizza, ice cream come to mind. Wait, but that’s the best stuff!

I did not set out to write the piece in this Pulse on the Tennessee smoking ban as a civil liberties issue. But many people have brought up concerns of over reaching government and I thought it important to report that.

Let us know where you stand. Vote in our poll on boropulse.com and leave any comments by the story.

By the time you read this there may be a new MLB lifetime home run king.

Is an asterisk in order?

Well, has he been convicted of a crime? No. Failed a MLB drug test? No. Used steroids? Probably.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?

The same with Michael Vick. Was he involved in dog fighting? Probably. Is that for CNN, the NFL, the Falcons or Joe Six-pack home on the couch to decide? No.


Bracken Mayo, Editor in Chief


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