Racing News: Bumpus Harley Davidson backs racing Murfreesboro chiropractor

Murfreesboro chiropractor Jason Burchard has a whole other need to tend to some weekends?the good doctor enjoys racing a late model car at the Music City Motorplex .

On Sunday, July 22, a day the NASCAR Busch East Series also rolled through the Motorplex, the late models were set to race again.

However in a rare pre-race inspection, eight cars were found to have front valences too high off the ground and had to start in the back of the pack.

Burchard’s No. 1 car, recently sponsored by Bumpus Harley Davidson and Kennedy Speed Sports, was among the penalized cars too high on the front end and was made to start fifthteenth.

More bad luck faced the doctor. As the race started Burchard’s window net fell and caused him to loose control and spin out. Though, Burchard’s No. 1 and the No. 8 of Mark Day were later duking it out in some neck to neck action giving the audience the best race on the track.

But after Burchard was involved in a wreck with No. 17, both cars had to be taken out.

Burchard hopes to represent Bumpus more at the track and surely consistency will come with time.


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