Rattus Magnanimous

3.5 pulses

Rattus Magnanimous, the latest EP by Inglewood, is further evidence the group can be considered Middle Tennessee’s newest comfort band.

From the party-driven funk of “Everybody Everywhere” to the luminous “Sunshine,” this collection of seven original three-minute pop/rock tunes can be a comfort to anyone, in any mood.

Invoking Weezer and some of the more happy-go-lucky material of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this three-piece will make “Bumpin’ Inglewood music” the thing to do whether cruisin’ on a sunny day or winding down after a late night party. These guys know what it takes to make good music while having a blast.

Nashville-based Spat! Records, also working with other area pop and punk acts such as My Epiphany, Dharmakaya, Vesta Rose, The Pink Spiders, PigDog and others, released Rattus Magnanimous and its blend of indie rock, reggae, teen pop, funk and hip-hop.

The record’s tender opening track, “Heart Strings,” features melodic, catchy vocal movement. This leads to the refreshing “Everybody Everywhere,” which has hit single written all over it. The song progresses from the smooth and funky start to a solid, polished chorus, given some depth with an organ (one of the record’s few strayings from the standard drums, bass, guitar and vox mix) to a funky, driving climax featuring lead singer Colbs claiming “Inglewood is gonna funk your socks off,” while the music backs him up.

Inglewood has actually been known to have socks thrown at them onstage. Now, some bands have been popular for girls casting undergarments at them–but this just takes rock to a whole new level!

The ending jam on “Like the Sun” really punctuates the record while the hip-hop flavored “Fly U Anywhere” is more a brief comic relief than a gritty portrayal of the young men’s gangsta tendencies, but congratulations to the band for trying something unexpected on the CD’s final offering.

Overall, the material on the disk, though not overly complex, is tasteful, tight and fun with smooth melodies and displays some nice vocal power and feeling. The guys rarely dwell on a part too long and keep things interesting with frequent passage changes, leaving the listener wanting more.

Looking for a good time? Catch Inglewood on Saturday, March 1, at Wall Street Bar and Grill before the band heads out west later in the month for a handful of gigs.

? Lindsay Marcus and Bracken Mayo


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