Winter Wonderland

Dear Readers:

When I have a ski park I’m going to have some fun. Many resorts like to label their green trails with relaxing, sweet-sounding names while posting more fearful, dangerous-sounding ones on the black diamonds.

Not on Bracken Mountain though!

There, Satan’s Jagged Icy Death Drop will be a serene and peaceful run through a winter wonderland. Children’s laughing fills the nippy air as skiers take their time and observe the scenery.

Princess Buttercup’s Maple Syrup Stroll on the other hand will be a terror-inducing vertical nightmare concluding with a mandatory ski jump over a giant canyon filled with rocks and severed limbs.

We’re just having a little fun with the guests . . .

Though it was Valentine’s Day recently, many didn’t feel the love in Phil Valentine’s column in the last issue.

Does publishing Valentine’s work mean The Pulse hates all homosexuals and wants them to be discriminated against, or worse? No. Does it mean Mr. Valentine hates gay people and personally wishes harm against them? I doubt it?ask him. Does it mean this editor is not fully aware of the details, statistics and effects of AIDS and MRSA? That’s a little more accurate.

If anything, I want to use the pages of this publication to educate people on how to protect themselves against deadly diseases. I think the point remains: if you want to protect yourself, don’t engage in unprotected sex or intravenous drug use.

Still, as best as I can tell, these horrible disease do seem to have higher occurances in gay people. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s a juvenile, knee-jerk reaction to take an adversarial position when someone tells you your behavior may be dangerous.

Look, just because everyone isn’t wearing a rainbow and marching in gay pride parades doesn’t mean they’re out to get you.

But doesn’t the Bible say homosexuality is morally wrong? Well, the good book also says not to eat pigs, shrimp and snakes, for women not to speak in church, and to offer flesh and blood offerings to the Lord, so why pick and choose?


Bracken Mayo, Editor in Chief


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