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Jeffrey Joslin, a Murfreesboro-based recording artist, has shifted his focus from the stage to the classroom. Joslin, a Recording Industry major at MTSU, was recently invited by Steven Porter to visit a music class at Cannon County High School in Woodbury. After speaking to a group of young musicians, Joslin quickly realized his passion for sending his message out. He has since begun to plan for a high school speaking tour.

Porter, who teaches a guitar class at CCHS, had seen Joslin’s performance at a Starbucks and asked him to visit his class. Joslin spent some time talking to the class about his musical journey, outlining the key values in his life that have guided him to his current position and will guide him further throughout his career. He played three songs and explained the meaning behind each one.

“It’s what I needed to hear when I was that age. If a musician I looked up to and respected took the time to talk to me about the things that matter in life?relationships and career?I would have definitely listened.”

Not only did he encourage the students to pursue their musical talents and dreams, Joslin talked about his own journey from high school football star to a purpose-driven artist happy following his calling.

“I’d like to get in front of all the high schools in the area,” said Joslin, a former football player who walked away from a college scholarship to play music.

Joslin not only sings, writes, engineers and produces music and plays guitar and piano, he also did the photography, design work, and wrote and composed every track on his only release to date, the EP For Real This Time. For more information on his music, visit myspace.com/jeffreyjoslin.


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