Sugaree’s Boutique Moves to the Square

When contemplating the perks to living in Murfreesboro, one’s first thought doesn’t go directly to the local shopping.

Sugaree’s, located at 122 S. Maple St., has helped transform the way locals and vacationers think of shopping in the Murfreesboro area, however, thanks to its selection of real vintage clothing and accessories, as well as the latest fashions, all of which can be found at reasonable prices.

Sugaree’s originated a little over three years ago at 113 Lytle St., on the backside of the local square. Staci Higdon, the owner, has been working hard to get the latest fashions as well as trendy vintage pieces to local college students at an affordable prices.

“I want my shoppers to get boutique clothing, but not at boutique prices,” said Higdon, whose always wanted to be a small-business owner.

She said that after researching different business ideas, she decided Murfreesboro had a “niche market” that was not being fulfilled. Subsequently, her passion for vintage clothing and accessories motivated her to go for the plunge and open her own boutique.

“I was really originally attracted to vintage in my youth because it was a way to inexpensively have my own style,” Higdon said.

Sugaree’s made the move to its new location about three months ago. Higdon said she had toyed with the thought of moving onto the square before, but never thought that rent would be reasonable enough. But when the now-new location came up for sale, she said she decided to have a look.

Although it was a small space, Higdon predicted that the downtown address could translate into extra exposure for her boutique. Impulse set in, she said, and Higdon made an offer on the space, which she and her staff were able to quickly renovate.

“I never dreamed I would be able to purchase a building on the square,” Higdon said, laughing. “It was a lot of work, but I felt as if the opportunity had presented itself to me.”

Confident the new locale has helped business, Higdon said Sugaree’s inventory features hip name-brand jeans such as Little Too Big and Silver for under $80, as well as jewelry made by local artists. Much of the jewelry has a crafty, bohemian feel at prices under $30. Also, rockin’ guitar pick earrings can be found for under $20.

Plus, gals and guys who are feeling eco-friendly are invited to stop in and check out the Alternative Apparel line that has T-shirts made of recycled material. Also, Tulle offers a dress made of recycled bamboo.

All the latest spring fashions are arriving at Sugaree’s this month, said Higdon, who advised fashion-conscious shoppers to be on the lookout for floral prints, flowing chiffon tops, geometric prints, loud colors and trouser pants.

Higdon and her staff are always there to assist shoppers with any questions they may have about keeping in style, and if time allows, the owner said she will be happy to give background information on vintage apparel that will remind shoppers of the history behind their purchases.

“A lot of people come to the square because of the one-on-one attention,” Higdon shared. “It doesn’t have a generic department store feel to it.”

Higdon also said she keeps from four to six pieces of each style of the new clothing to ensure that shoppers will get the full boutique experience.

“The perk of shopping at a boutique is that you get something original that not everyone else is going to have,” Higdon noted.

Jacinthe Jarrell, an employee at Sugaree’s for about two years, said she loves the fact that she gets first dibs on the inventory.

“My favorite thing about working here is that I get to shop here,” Jarrell confirmed, smiling.

Sugaree’s is open 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. each Monday through Saturday. For more information, please call the boutique directly at 615-895-5996.


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