Gypsys Roll Through

Scott Helland and the Traveling Band of Gypsy Nomads, in actuality a two-person outfit made up of Helland and French vocalist and dancer Samantha Stephenson, recently brought its gypsy sounds to Murfreesboro.

Self-described as French Gypsy Celtic rock, the musical outfit played Stonekeepers on May 19.

Guitar trills and tambourines along with programmed beats and synth sounds filled the air. At times the repetitive rhythms of the music carried a hypnotic drone quality, but Helland’s ornate guitar work floated atop and kept the listener on a continual journey. Stephenson danced, and lent her angelic voice to some of the tunes, lyrics in French.

Stonekeepers provided a somewhat fitting mystical setting for the duo. The store, located on Lytle St., carries a variety of gems, religious iconography, books and International decor.

For more information on Scott Helland and the Gypsy Nomads, visit scotthelland.com.


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