Liquid Gold

So everyone’s hoping for some relief at the pump? Praying to the petroleum gods for the golden liquid to flow once again for cheap?

No, let’s watch the prices keep climbing, let them get to $7.50 a gallon; it’s a good thing. At some point in the rapid escalation (not really free market-driven), people will finally be forced to consider the alternatives. Ingenuity and American invention will kick in.

We’re not there yet; amazingly, demand for gas has declined little as gas prices in the United States have tripled over recent years. Taming our thirst for oil runs much deeper than reducing fuel for cars. The rich stuff is used in all sorts of everyday products from milk jugs to makeup, glue to garden hoses. But as prices keep rising, lifestyles, along with transportation, will begin to change.

Really, how high will prices go before people start to get upset, stop buying it and make a change? We’ll see.

When it becomes cost effective for the American people to change, then it will happen; right Mr. Valentine?

Maybe you don’t agree with Al Gore’s politics, Phil, but wouldn’t it truly be to your advantage if you learned to be more independent and live off the grid? You preach self-reliance, correct? Instead of political bickering, let’s agree that the less oil (a limited resource) people consume, the more comfortable we can all be about the future. Wouldn’t it be ideal if everyone could harness their own solar or wind power for a car, ideal besides big oil companies and OPEC?

Evidently, good energy is a renewable resource at Bonnaroo, though.

Once again, the good people at Bonnaroo have impressed us with a stellar lineup.

And every year a festival attendee is able to make his struggle with the Tennessee heat a little more bearable.

My suggestion this year: take a small children’s plastic wading pool to the event by strapping it to your vehicle. Encourage all your neighbors to empty the slushy water from their coolers into the receptacle as their ice begins to melt. And there you have it, an icy plunge, an exhilarating wonderland, right in the middle of the campground.

You’re in a giant glass of ice water. I envisioned it last year as I was laying in the grass in the middle a heat stroke frenzy . . .


Bracken Mayo, Editor in Chief


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