Pizza Place Continues Trend

There aren’t a lot of places in town were people under 21 can go to see a good show nowadays, that’s why I’m constantly tipping my hat to the guys at Tomato Tom’to. Not only do they host all age shows, but 9 out of 10 times you are guaranteed to see a good show (thanks to Dylan, who books the bands for Tomato Tom’to), with bands such as Cuttlefish, the MiddleMen, and, on May 16, the Velcro Stars, Fishboy and Chris Freeman and the Unicorn Horns.

The show started off slow with Chris Freeman and the Unicorn Horns, whose sound was just a little more than unorthodox, and with Chris’s whiny, almost off-key, singing style and lack of high end to keep up with his bass, there was nothing his brass section could do to save the music. Comparing himself to great artists such as the Talking Heads and Ben Folds, clearly he will never go further than being in comedic bands.

Next on stage was Fishboy, an indie masterpiece from Denton, Texas. With upbeat music and witty lyrics, they had just about everyone in the Tomato on their feet. With catchy tunes like ’Minus Two’ and ’Proper Name Spelling Bee,’ it was hard not to dance, or at least bob your head, to the music. Without question, Fishboy made more than a few friends and fans that night, including myself.

The Velcro Stars was not only the most energetic band of the night, but also the most anticipated. Having not played a local show in a few months, the band left the ’Boro with a scratch that only the band itself could itch. That’s right, it was time for the fans to get their fix of raw indie, ’Boro rock. Unfortunately, the Velcro Stars’ set was cut short due to the Murfreesboro underage curfew. We’ll definitely be looking for more of them this summer.


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