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J.D. Beard

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In his self-titled third release, local musician and artist J.D. Beard offers up a bluesy rock album.

If you like John Cougar Mellencamp this might be the stuff for you. Beard serves up a mix of styles, a little bit of country, a little bit rock ’n’ roll, and even an attempt at techno at the end of his album.

The first and fourth tracks are pretty straight up blues, with those country and rock touches. “It’s Gonna be Alright” kicks off the album, while “Baby” continues the album’s trend of distorted guitar.

Later on the album he might be channeling a little Jimmy Buffet or Tom Petty. “You Got to Want To” is a little slowed down, and more thoughtful, and Beard’s voice cracks around the edges on “Here With Me.” The latter could pass for a country western ballad, but Beard’s voice really can’t carry it off.

At the end of the album is a bit of an albatross. “Mars Passing” is Beard’s attempt at techno music. It sounds like a track from the ’80s, maybe from the background of Adventures in Babysitting. It definitely sticks out on the album, but I get the feeling Beard’s self-titled offering is all about making what he wants to.

J.D. plays all the instruments on the album and voices every tune. There’s nothing overtly wrong with his album (other than that last track), and it’s fine background orchestration, but not enough to be the main event. I’m sure he has a ball jamming the blues, but the sound is dated.

I’m going to have to pass on this one.


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