Music Gains Money for Mountains

Thanks so much for getting the Mountains for Music story on the cover! (Pulse Vol. 3, Issue 15)

THB and The Go Show rocked it at The Boro and raised $700 for the cause. Plus a bunch of folks got registered to vote and learned how funked up mountaintop removal is!

It was all in all a successful event and wouldn’t have been nearly as awesome without your help!

? Anna Dow, always_adventuring@hotmail.com

Library Has Much to Offer For Free

Mr. Mayo:

We are glad to welcome you back to the library (letter from the editor, Pulse Vol. 3, Issue 16)! I’m glad to know it was a quick and easy process for you to renew your card.

I just wanted to make sure you knew that Linebaugh Public Library has much more than just books to offer for free: we also have thousands of DVDs, including the latest popular releases, documentaries, foreign films, shows from BBC, and independent films. We have a wide variety of online resources, including downloadable videos, downloadable audiobooks for your MP3 player, and databases with information to assist you with research, pricing antiques & collectibles, learning a foreign language, or fixing your car. We offer free Internet access in our computer lab, as well as free wireless access. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Visit linebaugh.org, or come by the library, to find out more.

? Jerianne Thompson

Collection Development Coordinator, Linebaugh Public Library System

615-893-4131, ext. 121

Dow a Sign of Everyone’s Well-Being

What a silly article! (“The People’s Dow,” by Lonnie Ray Atkinson, Pulse Vol. 3, Issue 16)

Saying that only the richest 5 percent should be concerned about the Dow is like saying only parents should be concerned about literacy and school enrollment?just silly!

The weighted average of these 30 stocks is used as an indicator of the economy as a whole. Besides, don’t you think the people who work on the line at Catepillar and General Electric know that the price of stocks in their companies have an impact on their personal economic stability?

Also, apparently the cost of a new car is chump change to Mr. Atkinson, but to most of America it is important because it is a significant sum!

? Kimberly Schenk, kimberly.schenk@dataschenk.com


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