Pulse teams with Main for concert series

You asked for it and you got it! Many Murfreesboro residents and people passing through have expected more out of this town musically (for obvious Recording Industry reasons) than what the scene has been able to offer in recent times. With the amazing bands that have been holding the scene together going on tours and basically just having lives outside of ever-expanding Murfreesboro, it was only a matter of time before the scene would need something more. Murfreesboro music is finally flourishing abundantly in this town again.

The Murfreesboro Pulse has been partnering on shows with various local venues?The Walnut House, The Boro, Bluesboro, Coach’s Grill?and now with (drum roll, please) Main Street at 527 (yes, it’s back!) to launch a semester-long feast of fantastic Fridays filled with music that has flocked to this effervescent town. The kickoff to all this crazy-goodness will actually be a three-night event starting on Aug. 28, continuing the night of the Aug. 29 and again Aug. 30.

While MTSU classes “commence to jinglin’” that same week (not in a graduation kind of way), we figured offering an awesome first weekend in town would convince all the cool kids to NOT pack that suitcase and roll back to the past, but to stay and see what Murfreesboro and our music scene really has to offer.

Along with the well-established Incredible Heat Machine and also The Last Straw (just to name some among the lineup of nine bands), some really awesome new bands have moved to this carbonated town and will be playing this kick-off weekend. Look for amazing newbies to this scene, i.e., Southern Rock ridiculosity Warm Gun and also the interestingly indie Gone City. Pop Vulture is returning, and The Go Show really knows how to get your booty shakin’ . . . sound exciting enough? You know it.

So come out to 527 Main St. and experience three nights of fantastic vibes and mingling with like-minded people! Oh, and bring your dancing shoes.

Don’t forget this showcase series will be an every-Friday night event for the rest of the semester and organizers have some exciting things planned.


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