The Little Sound Byte That Wasn’t

by David S. Pointer

I’m listening to Verras Militares (War Pigs) on CD when Maverick Senator John McCain comes on TV’s town hall meeting where the Arizona veteran has been asked to name a poet laureate or two,

And for an instant the possibility floats that he will flash to eminence within the artistic community

By saying something like “I don’t know but I wish somebody had sent me some Bukowski books during my 5 1/2 years as a POW in Vietnam,”

Or “I loved Robert Pinsky’s book ?The Life of David’ where Samuel says ?This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you:

He will take your sons . . .

and some shall run

before his chariots’”

But McCain doesn’t name any poet laureate

And it seems some shall be in Iraq or Afghanistan post aeternitatem (after forever)

No matter who gets the winning nod in the November election

Most without any Bukowski or Pinsky books?much like McCain himself on via gravis (a hard road)

Batter Up

by David S. Pointer

Do you suffer from bad bat? I do!

Do your grounders hop around the opposing team’s infield like harmless rabbits? Mine do!

Oh, coach, don’t put me in as the prince of pine tar

Because the visitor’s dugout isn’t deep enough to hide from their fans, the bugs, or the foul balls after I strike out!

Okay, Okay, I’m going up,

Up, up, to the plate


Let freedom roar, rock, and ring

Right over the low flying crop plane, hot air balloon, and into a half page column in my hometown newspaper.


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