Gagflex: Courting the Stupid Vote

A friend of mine recently had a conversation with a local police officer, and this police officer seriously told him that he couldn’t vote for Barack Obama because he’s going to take our guns away.

It almost sounds like this guy who enforces the law doesn’t know about the second amendment. Just to clear things up: no presidential candidate is taking your guns away. I wonder exactly how that would work and who would enforce it. Does he go door to door collecting shotguns and rifles or is there a special task force assembled to enact raids?

It’s as if reality gets suspended during election season. Granted, we’re voting for the most powerful office in our nation, but were not electing the next messiah. The president doesn’t have the authority to turn the country inside out. They can try, much like Bush has, but that’s not the role of the president.

Think about the power of the president like this: Bush is adamantly against abortion, but somehow in his eight years in office he hasn’t managed to make all abortions illegal. The reason he hasn’t done that is because he can’t. It’s a grand delusion of what will and won’t happen once a person gets elected. One girl told me that she couldn’t vote for Obama because she thinks he’s he’ll send our tax money to Africa. I wasn’t sure what that meant or how to respond, but that’s election season logic.

Now we’ve got the Bill Ayers thing. The GOP is telling people that they shouldn’t vote for Obama because of his connections with domestic pipe bomber and elementary education theorist, William Ayers. John McCain and GOP don’t really believe that Obama supports domestic terrorism because that’s an insanely stupid belief. However, there are plenty of Republican followers who buy into that nonsense.

Republicans are losing supporters from all angles, but the one they can always count on is the stupid vote. The stupid vote is the one where people vote for candidates who won’t serve their best interests and do so based on bizarre and improbable reasons.

We have access to tons of information at the push of button, so there’s absolutely no reason to automatically believe what some hack politician or pundit tells you without doing research. Contrary to popular belief among idiots, Obama will not take your guns, is not a Muslim, was not sworn in on the Qur’an, is an American, doesn’t hate white people, and is not the anti-christ. The important thing to remember about beliefs like these is that they aren’t political beliefs. They’re conspiracy theories that just so happen to come from friends and family members instead of garrulous meth heads. The worst part about that is that the average meth head probably doesn’t vote, but your neighbor or cousin who believes nonsense like this will definitely exert his or her right to be completely stupid.


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