Music in a New York Minute

It’s no secret to all the music lovers out there that if you want to catch a show other than local bands, you have to go to Nashville or some other out-of-town venue. Isn’t it time the music came to us?

Saul Zonana, New York native and musician, intends to bring musicians from all around to the ’Boro with his A New York Minute concert series at 527 Main Street starting in November.

“These bands are hand picked from around the U.S. and are always interesting, diverse and incredibly musical,” Zonana notes.

Zonana is hoping to create some buzz with the performers already scheduled and generate something that is “more musically diverse than typical shows.”

“Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of cool rock ’n’ roll coming out of Murfreesboro. I’m just trying to raise a flag to artists outside of Murfreesboro about what is here, and trying to build a reputation that promotes awareness of other regional artists,” explains Zonana.

Zonana, an accomplished artist himself, has played/toured with Crash Test Dummies, Ace Frehley, Leon Russell, Kings X, Spin Doctors and Lisa Loeb, just to name a few.

He has also released six solo CDs since 2000. The latest, Blue Monkey, features Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors), Richard Hammond (Joan Osborne) and Teddy Kumpel (Nine Inch Nails, Feist).

Saul and his band are set to perform before each featured act appears on the scheduled Saturday night shows.

Another aspect that makes A New York Minute concert series atypical is that it was created to appeal to a 25 to 55 age group.

On each Saturday of the concert series, 527 will open its doors at 6 p.m., according to manager Josh Qualls.

“We will offer a full food menu for dinner and have specials on martinis and other drinks,” mentions Qualls.

Dinner and entertainment all under one roof is a simple, yet rare concept that both Qualls and Zonana hope will bring a crowd.

Saul Zonana and his band will start the show around 7 p.m., and the headlining act will follow around 8 p.m.

Admission to each show is $10. For more information, visit anewyorkminute.net.

Upcoming New York Minute Artists:

Nov. 8?Traci Root

She has a vibe similar to that of Alicia Keys, she’s worked with artists who have toured with Steve Miller, Donna Summers, Roberta Flack and The Temptations

Nov. 15?Team Illuminati

Described as experimental, theatrical and progressive. They are expected to put on a unique show.

Nov. 22?Teddy Kumpel

Impressive looping technology. He is a sought afteer guitar player that has played with Feist, Rickie Lee Jones and Nine Inch Nails, to note a few.

Dec. 6?The Peter Moon Band

Crowd pleasing rock/pop music from Moon, who like Zonana, is a New York transplant to Tennessee.


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