Not a Slave

As I sit here and bring The Pulse to you, the space bar on the keyboard rings out like a powerful shot in the night.

It seems most cultures have animals they won’t eat?the Jews don’t like pork or shrimp, Americans tend to stay away from dogs and horses as food, but the cows in India, oh the luxury of the cows in India.

There, beyond the fact that they are not turned into burgers, the cows live as gods, roaming freely, taking what they want.

All the cows of the world dream of immigrating to India, just as Africans and Latin Americans dream of coming to the U.S. It’s the land of hope, of opportunity.

I was talking with gentleman from Africa recently, and he says most Africans dream of coming to the U.S. to start anew. The stock market may go down a bit and people may throw fits over McCain and Obama, but it’s not like we have to worry about people shooting up the streets with machine guns trying to seize control of government, property and life.

But I guess freedom isn’t free, so pay up.

I know my phone message is long, I’ll change it soon. I know I missed your call.

Again, not a slave to the cell phone.

And let’s join for a brief moment of dead air (silence) for Bill Headline; I don’t know if he was a perfect journalist, but he had the perfect name for it.

For anyone who says a vote for a non-Republican or Democrat is a wasted vote, I say a vote for Obama in a clearly “red” state is equally as pointless. Do you understand, oh Tennessee Democrats, the electoral college has rendered your presidential preference meaningless? This electoral system leaves the choice of the president up to a few thousand swing voters in Ohio and Florida (or really their secretaries of state).

While the president doesn’t set tax code – but the president along with a 60-Democrat senate certainly could

The higher taxes are raised for those with incomes of over $250,000, whether I am a member of that group or not, it gives me a little less incentive to succeed and try and obtain wealth knowing the percentage of it that wil be taken from me is rising.

Question: If you were rich what would you buy? Moet, clothes, jets, diamonds, vacations. You’d have to spend it on something. Hoarding is unamerican, it creates no jobs.

Then again, it would be great to not have to worry about getting my money right every morning and all resources were shared.

So, until next time, remember to brush your teeth, get your stuff in by deadline and stop for a moment and take in the death in the air as the fall sees the colorful plants wither away and die into the cold.


Bracken Mayo, Editor in Chief


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