Straight Talk Press: Nobama 2008 (or ever)

Why are Oprah Winfrey and Republicans J.C. Watts and Colin Powell voting for Barack Obama? Answer: All are black and all are racist.

What’s up with all the racism? Shouldn’t it be about politics and who is more suited for the job?

For those who will read this and call me a racist: I’m not! I could care less about race. I care about making money, trying to save money and building a better community. Even more to the point, the mother of my son (Natasha) is what you in the liberal press label a “minority,” thus making my son a “mixed-race” person, whom I love very much. You see liberals, I am blanketed from your negative jabs! I’ve been with women of every race I can think of and liked them all, a lot.

However, it is my contention that the single most racial group of people in this country are blacks. Numbers never lie; people (liberals) do.

In the Democratic primary, five states’ white voters voted for Obama over Hillary: Virginia, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Utah and Montana. In three more states, there was a virtual dead heat between Obama and Hillary: California, Connecticut and New Hampshire. As for the black voting patterns during the Democratic primary, not in one single state did Hillary even come close to beating this town hall preacher known as Obama. Yeah, he really has you black people and young voters fooled, doesn’t he?

In the Democratic Primary, the average of all votes was, white voters: 55 percent for Hillary and 39 percent for Obama, black voters: 16 percent for Hillary and a 82 percent for Obama. A Pennsylvania Democratic primary exit poll found that 15 percent of white voters said race was a factor in their vote; nearly one third of black voters said race was a factor in their choice. These numbers and the many more I found led this columnist to the conclusion that blacks may be up to twice as racist as whites.

Look at all the white voters who are supporting Obama. If Hillary had won the Democratic Primary, I highly doubt that anywhere near the same amount of blacks would have been as supportive of her. I say they are motivated by one common theme: RACISM! Because “one of their own” is running, they are automatically supporting him, without thinking if he’s the best candidate for the job. It’s crazy! What company has he run? What war did he fight in? Tell me one thing Obama has done successfully; make me believe he’s something other than a tent revival soap box preacher with his hand out waiting for us to donate the future of our great country so the “black guy” can get his turn. I’d vote for a green transsexual from Pluto who is an atheist if he were qualified (that’s the truth). I always say put the best in charge and the flock will follow. But, I ask you black people of America, surely Obama isn’t your most qualified guy, is he? The guy hasn’t done a single thing since taking his seat in the Senate except aspire to be President. I wouldn’t hire him to do anything that paid more than $10 an hour. He has no experience!

McCain leads Obama 57% to 34% amongst white voters. Obama leads McCain by a whopping 92% to 3% by blacks. Remember, the numbers never lie.

If you’re voting for Obama because he’s a black guy and it somehow makes you feel less racist to vote for him, then at the second you do so you are, in fact, committing a racist act, being what you say you aren’t. Any decision tainted by race is, in fact, a racist act. This odd affirmative action style vote you young people and black people have conjured up is a deplorable act of racism.

I find it crazy that race even comes up, or gender or even religion. It’s a bunch of divisiveness pushed forth constantly by the “mainstream” liberal media.

Let’s see: we’ve got an election coming up and our choices are between a guy who has been in the Senate for four years and done absolutely nothing, versus a guy who is a war hero, captured and tortured many times over by our enemy, lived through it all, came home and dedicated the rest of his life to helping to make our country better by leading the charge in the Senate against politics as usual. McCain is known to be very outspoken against political corruption and cronyism, totally against pork-barrel and all wasteful spending.

Anyway, because the numbers never lie, John McCain should look for white voters to win the election; the blacks and a majority of the under-35-year-olds of all races aren’t going to be voting for him. They’ve been brain-washed by the liberal media and in the classrooms by the socialists who have taken over the college campuses across our nation. I’ve only found one black friend of mine who is voting for McCain (yes Kaghee Tate, I’m singling you out). He recently got a nice income upgrade and now he’s voting for McCain! It’s because he knows Obama will raise all kinds of taxes. Obama is a socialist at heart.

You want some examples of the black racism permeating this race? Look at Oprah Winfrey and J.C. Watts, the Republican from Oklahoma. Oprah has avoided endorsing candidates for public office until this election. She came out swinging the big stick for Obama. And she’s been a friend of Hillary’s for years! So, Oprah, to you the race line is thicker than the friendship or the gender line? And on to you, Mr. Watts. What’s your reasoning for this jump across the political playing field? You’re a racist, pure and simple! You’ve been a conservative Republican; the only similarity between you and Obama is that you’re both black men and now all of a sudden you’ve what, seen the light, and are supporting a liberal? Racism! And Colin Powell, we always knew you were a RINO (Republican in name only), but coming out and endorsing Obama?the first presidential endorsement of your career?is pure racism.

My whole point is that you should be voting for Obama if you honestly think he’s the better man for the job. Obama is ridiculously under-qualified and totally unfit to lead the greatest (and now brokest) country in the world.

Vote McCain/Palin ’08.


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