Time to Vent!

I’m just plain tired of politics. But the thing that’s really chapping my ass right now is this partisan rhetoric we all have to suffer through. I’m really tired of one-sided opinions and e-mails. You can’t get an objective opinion anywhere on the news anymore, all of it has a slant to it. So from where I’m standing there are a few self-evident truths that need to be preached from the mountain tops:

1. Neither party has a monopoly on God. This applies more to the Republican Party than to the Democrats. Read my lips: “GOP does not spell God.” The big guy does not recognize party affiliation. Being homo-phobic and carrying a concealed AK-47 does not bring you closer to God. Judgment is reserved for God and God alone, you and your pastor need to calm down.

2. Choosing not to vote for Obama does not automatically make someone a racist. Giving in to that pressure does make you one.

3. If you send me one more e-mail about Obama being the anti-Christ I will remove you from my Christmas card list. If he is, then you should be happy, O profit of doom, we’re supposed to be looking forward to the rapture.

4. Your candidate did not clearly win a debate. Those were three of the most boring, long-winded, snooze-a-thons I have ever seen. There was no great orator or town hall meeting wiz at those debates.

5. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not McCain’s fault. The Republicans brought them in to give risky loans to the poor and the Democrats fed off of that special interest cash cow until it imploded.

6. Obama is not a terrorist; if you spend any time in politics, you’re gonna meet some idiots.

7. And this is the big one: “Think for yourself” Now, I know this isn’t an easy one, but did it ever occur to you that maybe your choice of party doesn’t represent everything you believe? Is it possible to be against abortion and still support a woman’s right to decide what happens to her own body? What about supporting the right to own a gun, but not one that you can shoot down a helicopter with?

8. Lastly, ponder this fact. The American revolution was at least in principal, fought to escape an unjust government that didn’t give the people freedom to choose. By blindly following a two party system, we are sheep being led back to that corral. One of the last official acts of George Washington was to condemn the formation of political parties. Personally I think we should still heed that warning. So before you go and do your patriotic duty as an American, do a little research and vote for a candidate and not a party.

?Tony Lehew, tlehew1064@comcast.net

14-Year-Old Steps In

In reading Terry Mayo’s review for “On Golden Pond” at The Arts Center of Cannon County, I was taken aback of your criticism of a fine young man and actor, Brad McCrary.

Although Brad’s mother (and her other young son, not husband) did help with the set, that in NO way had to do with Brad playing the role of Billy for me. In fact, the boy cast to portray Billy dropped out at the last minute and Brad (who just turned 14) stepped in with only one week of rehearsals to help me out.

The McCrarys all volunteer at the Arts Center and are a vital part of this organization which could not exist without its volunteers.

? Mary Wilson, Assistant Director, The Arts Center of Cannon County

Giving All a Chance

(In response to last issue’s “CAPE Gives Challenged an Opportunity to Play”)

Terry Mayo is an incredibly gifted writer and I found myself with “a lump in my throat” after reading this story.

I’ve always said that CAPE has never been and will never be about me. It’s about the kids. With the compassion that Terry used in this story, I hope more of the community will see how these children can and do become productive members of society. All they need is the chance.

Thanks, again, Terry for helping give them that chance.

? Rick Ryan, President, Challenged Athletes Playing Equally (C.A.P.E.), capetn.org

Thank you for the kind words about my son, Joe. He has been a hockey player for many years, and sees this as a way to give back to the sport he loves. I encourage every parent to find a place for their child to give something back, in a similar way. CAPE has given Joe a perspective on life, a perspective I think too few teenagers share (adults too, for that matter).

Parents, help your kids find a place where they will love giving of themselves, and watch the transformation.

? Phil Scearce, pscearce@comcast.net


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