Students Make Fashion Statement

Natural disasters never looked so glamorous as when MTSU textiles, merchandising and design students showed their student-created “Evacuation”-themed fashion show Nov. 14. The fashion show’s proceeds went directly to Habitat for Humanity for use by families to rebuild homes lost as a result of natural disasters.

“We tried to tie in this year’s theme with Habitat. We are really hoping that the money raised can help support people who have had to suffer from natural disasters in the past,” said Delana McGregor, who was the head coordinator of the fashion show.

The show raised more than $800 through ticket sales at $5 apiece.

The collection was a mix of modern winter clothing, with some throws of formal and dress wear. Some noticeable trends were lots of leggings, ankle boots, puffy shoulders and high waist pants. There were a lot of black, white and gray colors in the collection, but near the end, there were bright red pieces, and different shades of blue and green made a splash in the middle of the show.

“We take student designs from anyone who wants to submit them. You don’t even have to be a part of the TXMD program,” McGregor said. “Next year the entire show will come from student designers’ work.”

Models tromped down the runway with an eclectic mix of music that spanned from artists Disturbed and Rob Zombie, to Poison and Chris Brown. The backdrop featured changing photos of disastrous weather elements to match the clothing coming down the runway.

Shoes, jewelry and other minor pieces were donated from Belk, Anastasia’s Attic and Mesh to help bring together the outfits. Belk also provided hair and makeup for the models from MAC, Clinique and Lancome.

Some student designers were recognized at the close of the show for particular designs they made. Winners included student Margaret May, who received third place; Abby Kelly, who scored second place; and Ali Hendrix, who nabbed first place for her black, floor-length dress. Students Emilie Dalton and Katie Flowers received honorable mentions.

“I was very impressed with what I saw,” said MTSU student Lara Faye Kaplan. “The clothes were very well-made and there was a lot of stuff I would love to wear. The program definitely deserves more publicity and I plan on going to their shows again.”

For those who managed to let the fall show slip under the radar, MTSU will sponsor another student-design show in April 2009.


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