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Jackson Waters is entering your ear drums with an EP full of perfectly crafted, glorious pop/rock music. The band’s new CD, Supply, has hit the scene complete with cute electric guitars, cute vocals, cute drums, cute bass and cute piano. After listening to them, I found myself wishing I was a teenage girl with a pseudo-boy-rockish band fetish.

Well, almost . . . these guys don’t have quite the boy band look nor do they have exactly a boy band sound. They are almost there based on the vocal feel and song formats, but their instrumentation contains slightly too much skill to be called a boy band.

Underlying their music is a touch of the blues, especially evident in the lead guitar during solos.

Songwriting is well done and lyrically very clear. I could certainly see these lyrics appealing to a variety of people. They have a simple and familiar format that builds toward a hook and then satisfies. Musically, the song formats are clear and also support the pop format of leading up to a hook.

Production wise, the EP does a good job of presenting this band. Their instruments and vocals are perfectly formed and fitted within the audible spectrum. It sounds like a pop album, like its ready to heat up the airwaves of your favorite pop station.

The main difference between this and what you hear on most pop stations is that it is not dance music.

Overall, I have to give this album a decent review. It is better crafted musically than most pop music I hear today. It also seems like they really spent time creating tones and working on production. The songwriting is good enough that most people who like rock could connect with something in it, and it certainly has appeal that some people (the pseudo-boy-rock band people) would really really like. I personally find it to be flavorless dribble, but at the same time I can see how this would be successful compared to most modern pop/rock albums. However, compared to some of the classic album of the last 100 years, this album means relatively nothing.

Even so, it’s somewhat satisfying and I give it a slightly above-average rating.


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