Make change happen, O

The significance of Mr. Obama’s inauguration being the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not lost on the cable news media. It gave them an obvious story line to chatter on about leading up to the event.

But is their coverage of our new president focusing on the content of his character or the color of his skin? Many media are so caught up in the novelty of having “the first black president” that they’re really not looking at his character and ideas. When asking if King’s dream has been fulfilled, the cynic could look at this racist coverage and answer a resounding, “No, King’s dream is still a long way off. Despite the fact that the U.S. now has a black president, the public is looking more at Obama’s skin color than his character, so we still have a ways to go yet.”

I do agree with Obama’s dream to implement a playoff system in college football. Make change happen, O. We could even keep the bowl games in their traditional locations, with traditional names.

I have another change to add on top of that. The Captain’s proposal for changing up college football: let the band for the school leading at halftime give their presentation down on the field, and broadcast it on television. What else do you have to put on during halftime?Lou Holtz?

It would be a bonus for the team up at the half, and incentive for music, drama and marching fans to tune into the game, and for the band to cheer on their team.

Looking for something to do this winter? Feeling cooped up and restless in the house, not able to venture outside due to the miserable weather? Learn some Beethoven. It’s keeping me quite occupied this winter.

Really, put the time into learning a sonata or two, and it will be spring before you know half of it.

I’ve always had trouble practicing in the spring, though. Shut the blinds, and crank up the AC to fool the piano player into thinking it’s still winter.

How many of you really feel the “economic downturn,” and how many just use it as an excuse and parrot the mainstream media’s tales of woe?

Businesses that don’t advertise should go ahead and go under and make way for those who will survive, those still competing for market share, for new customers.

Come out to the MAC Jan. 31 and have your body fat tested for free. See exactly how the holidays treated you. It’s in the name of research; plus you know you’re curious.


Bracken Mayo, Editor in Chief


About the Author

Bracken, a 2003 graduate of MTSU’s journalism program, is the founder and publisher of The Murfreesboro Pulse. He lives in Murfreesboro with his wife, graphic artist and business partner, Sarah, and son, Bracken Jr. Bracken enjoys playing the piano, sushi, Tool, football, chess, jogging, spending time in his backyard with his chickens, hippie music, climbing at The Ascent, bowling, swimming, soup, tennis, sunshine, revolution, defiance and anarchy. He can cook a mean grilled cheese, and can fry just about anything.

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