Open Minds Exchange: Synchronicity in the Title

We are excited to welcome you to a new addition to The Pulse, the Open Minds Exchange (OM Exchange). Between the two of us, we share a broad range of spiritual influences ranging from traditional and esoteric Christianity to Eastern, New Age and various indigenous perspectives. It is our sincere hope that we may inspire our readers, in whatever small way, to broaden possibilities for understanding and open an exchange of concepts that could offer insight into this collective experience we call life.

Like the old metaphor of the tree, it is our belief that through open-minded dialogue the branches of experience that lay out-stretched, pointing themselves in vastly differing directions and bare such varying fruit, inevitably find their nourishment from common ground, from common root.

Like so many things that arrive in life serendipitously, our chosen column title, The Open Minds Exchange, revealed the mystic symbol “OM,” or “AUM,” which confirmed a deeper meaning, then simply the acronym for Open Minds.

According to Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati (Swami J), “OM is a symbol of the deep realities of the universe and the individual human being. It is also a roadmap to self-realization.” The monosyllable OM or AUM represents four stages of awareness that deepen in meaning as one progresses in the silent or vocalized chanting of AUM.

A qualitative approach with a combination of research and face-to-face interviews will bring to light the many wavelengths of thought that comprise the spectrum of our collective experience. From both mainstream to fringe groups, we intend to cover topics such as metaphysics, spirituality, socio-cultural conditioning, the paranormal, alternative healing and symbology.

Finally, as it is our intent to live up to our name, we would like to extend an open invitation to hear from you any suggestions, criticism and insight into the subject matter. OM?inquiring Open Minds want to know. If you have any recommendations for future topics you would like us to cover, please contact us at rachel@boropulse.com or jason@boropulse.com or visit theomexchange.wordpress.com.


About the Author

Rachel K Edmonds is a broadminded and insightful teacher; a professional whose personal successes have brought great benefit to those with whom she has worked. Rachel is a published scholar in the field of sociology/anthropology. As a professional, Rachel has drawn upon her scholarly career and business experience to apply both a theoretical and practical approach in the fields of education, business and marketing. Rachel is currently living in Chicago, IL and expanding her knowledge in the field of marketing as a Master of Science graduate candidate and continues to provide business and marketing consultation. www.linkedin.com/in/rachelkedmonds or rachel@boropulse.com

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