Kiper’s Day Will Come

The NFL draft is over, and I am waiting for Mel Kiper to be over, to get run over by a car or eaten by a rabid wallaby in the outback; I just hate that man. Todd McShay is much more knowledgeable and reasonable when it comes to sports?sounds just like the Train Daddy.

The night before the draft the Lions and No. 1 pick Matthew Stafford agreed to a deal worth $72 million, making this 21-year-old the richest player straight out of the draft.

The Titans did something that hadn’t been done in 11 seasons?take a wide receiver in the first round. Mr. Kenny Britt, a 6-foot 4-inch 215-pound receiver, is the same size as Justin Gage and should be very complimentary. He brings much to red zone possessions and hopefully the Titans can now become a deep threat.

If you read my article you clearly are aware I am a passionate, dedicated Titans fan, despite what my good buddy Danny wants to say about my 100 percent commitment to the success of my team. Mr. Ward likes to talk smack about my people, whom he believes don’t have anything better to do then get all ignorant and whoop and holler for the Titans. Well Mr. Cracker Ward these are my people and we’re doing nothing more than being fans and building what is to be a rich tradition. In fairness, Danny does enjoy seeing the Titans succeed, yet the Colts and Peyton come first. But years from now when me and my people have helped create one of the strongest franchises in the league, all you Colts fans can come and get a good old ass kicking.

We are also in the midst of playoff basketball. The tied series as of press time featuring Boston and Chicago has my full attention. It doesn’t matter though, it is already written for King James and the Cavs. Only Kobe Bryant and the size and skill of the Lakers have a chance to stand in their way, and it’s a huge possibility. These two teams were very impressive in the regular season and are not letting up.

We are also in the early stages of the NHL playoffs. I’m very impressed with the Ducks, an 8 seed, knocking off San Jose, the No. 1 seed. Maybe next year for all you fang finger freaks out there.


About the Author

The Z-Train is a Murfreesboro resident and enjoys all sports, but bleeds code blue for his beloved Titans, who will one sweet day bring home that beautiful Lombardi Trophy to Tennessee. Always remember the Train's big F's: Faith, Family, Friends, Food and FOOTBALL!

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