I love my son!

He’s here! The prince, the heir to the Pulse media empire, the next in the line of Earl Mayos, the little man with a big plan?Bracken Earl Mayo Jr.

I love my son!

He’s a great little fella, he just wants to be fed and changed, can’t blame him for that. He wants it when he wants it, and he has the vocal chords to let us know. Maybe he’ll be a singer, or I can take him to the football game and let him get wild.

It’s amazing the transition Jr. goes through from when he’s red-faced and screaming his head off, to when he’s just been fed and he’s being burped, all wide-eyed, chubby-cheeked, and happy, with his wrinkled little forehead. He gets a little squint in one eye when he’s full.

Arrgh, it’s one-eyed Brack, maties!

At first, he didn’t like baths too much, but I think he’s coming around. It’s something you have to do, son.

He could be a little piano player, he seems like he’ll have some nice fingers. But I really need a drummer to jam with someday. Though he does share a birthday with Bobby Sheehan, one of my top bass guitar inspirations, from Blues Traveler.

June 12, 2009?he was born on the day the Penguins took the Stanley Cup from the Red Wings in the seventh game, the day of the digital TV transition, and the first full day of Bonnaroo 2009.

All I got for Father’s Day from him were a few dirty diapers and some screams.

He just wanted to be loved. He let me rock him to sleep. He may have let anyone who would have shown him the attention, but I like to think he wanted me to hold him and rock him and keep him warm and talk to him. I’m his father, his namesake, I want to be his best friend.

He knows me.

Oh we’re going to have some fun, sonny boy. Your mama and I will do what we can.

Thank you God for a beautiful, healthy son.


Bracken Mayo, Editor in Chief


About the Author

Bracken, a 2003 graduate of MTSU’s journalism program, is the founder and publisher of The Murfreesboro Pulse. He lives in Murfreesboro with his wife, graphic artist and business partner, Sarah, and son, Bracken Jr. Bracken enjoys playing the piano, sushi, Tool, football, chess, jogging, spending time in his backyard with his chickens, hippie music, climbing at The Ascent, bowling, swimming, soup, tennis, sunshine, revolution, defiance and anarchy. He can cook a mean grilled cheese, and can fry just about anything.

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