Jazz Must Evolve

We hope this letter finds all Jazz 89 fans well. First of all thank you for all the letters of support this year.

Here’s a quick update of what’s happening at WMOT.

MTSU president Dr. Sidney McPhee has instructed WMOT to become much less dependent on university funding. Plans and proposals to make this happen are due to him no later than September.

He’s currently considering two proposals, one to make WMOT part of a media center on the MTSU campus. The other is a management agreement with Nashville Public Radio WPLN.

Either way, it’s clear that Jazz 89, as you’ve come to love it all these years, would not be, or sound, the same.

As far as we know, these are the only two proposals on the table; however, we assume the president of the university will consider any other valid proposals that are presented.

We are constantly reminded by those we report to on campus that “WMOT simply cannot continue as a full-time jazz station.”

The criticism is the same it’s been for years with jazz formatted stations around the country: “there aren’t enough listeners, not enough donors, and not enough money . . . we need to change the format to generate more listenership and more revenue.”

Think about this though. In one of the worst economies anyone can remember, you and other Jazz 89 fans have given around $50,000 more to WMOT than the year before. That’s right, its been our best fundraising year ever, by far, thanks to you.

This is incredible, thank you! However, if you believe what we’re being told on campus, it simply “isn’t enough.”

As with many things it comes down to money and unless something changes, Jazz 89 may not sound the same this time next year.

The staff has not given up on Jazz 89 and we trust you haven’t either. Its not to late to continue to make your voice heard.

? The staff of WMOT 89.5 FM, wmot.org

I Would Not Quit the Center

Gary Parker showed me the latest theater column.

I want it on the record I did not quit and neither did he. I loved my job at the Center and the good it did the community. I would not have left no matter how difficult it got. I was told my job was “eliminated” and that art programs would be contracted out as necessary.

As of now, they have not asked me to continue with anything relating to the Center.

? Jennifer Richardson

Fishing for Something to Read

I like that now there is something on fishing posted here. (In response to Brian Carper’s “Hook, Line and Sinker” column).

I might find it more appealing to read this and look through The Pulse now that something has caught my eye.

? Ricky Shrum, rickyshrum@att.net

Enjoying Indoor Humidity

Mike is a great guy and I’m so glad he’s opened The Humidor [“LaMures expand success of Liquid Smoke,” Pulse Vol. 4, Issue 7].

It’s a very nice place and he has a great selection as well. I hope I can find a little time each week to sit in there and enjoy a nice stick.

? Raphe Reeves, rreeves@nxtevolution.com


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